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Ovulation confusion ..

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user1468602338 Thu 21-Jul-16 09:04:40

I really want to start trying for a baby.
This will be the first time but I've kind of scared myself thinking what if I struggle to get pregnant.
I've been reading online that you can still get periods but not ovulate.
Anyway I get periods regular every 28 days and today is day 13 of my cycle and sorry for tmi but I just feel wet constantly this a sign of ovulation?a lot of mucus(egg whites) and it is stretchy.
I'm not planning on trying for a couple of more months but just trying to get in tune with my body first.
And not trying to be creepy but the last couple of days,all I want to due is jump on my boyfriend blush

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Jul-16 18:29:19

Hi OP! We're going to move this over to our Conception topic for you shortly.

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