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What can it be? HELP pls

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Sophiehfz2805 Mon 18-Jul-16 22:01:56

I recently just had a 19 week MC and this was around 2 month ago now. Already had my first period which finished 7th july. Me and hubby started TTC the day i finished my period, its now been 11 days since my period ended and im in my fertile window right now, is there any chance i may have had symptoms of implantation? I've got dull aches and pains but very lightly in my lower stomach and sometimes left and right pelvic aches very small though. Also have tiredness, slight headache and milky discharge (sorry for tmi) and had spotting too but this was only 4 days after my period and im sure normally implantation occurs 6-12 days after conception. Last pregnancy i never had implantation bleeding so yeah. Just abitconfused right now. HEEELP. Has anyone had these symptoms and then found out theyre preg?

delilahbucket Wed 20-Jul-16 14:58:18

Firstly, I'm ever so sorry to hear of your mc flowers
You ovulate approximately 14 days before your period starts. Implantation happens 6-12 days after ovulation. You cannot be in your fertile week and be experiencing implantation as your fertile week is right before ovulation, so there is nothing to implant. Do you know when your period is due? It may be hard to tell if this is your first period after mc.
Tiredness, headache and milky discharge are all early pregnancy signs. They are also period signs. You release progesterone after ovulation and that causes all the "symptoms" we all experience every month. They are identical to pregnancy symptoms.

Sophiehfz2805 Wed 20-Jul-16 15:43:49

Hi, yes true. But never in my life i have had any period symptoms , none what so ever. Thats why when i was last pregnant i was so confused to why i had all these symptoms. On my ovia fertility app it said when i was ovulating and im not coming out of my fertile window. I started to ttc straight after my period finished which was 7th july. So its been two weeks approx but my doctor told me i could be but i'd have to wait it out but im so confused

delilahbucket Wed 20-Jul-16 18:41:02

It will take a while for your body to settle back from after a mc. Do you use ovulation tests or track your temp to see when you are ovulating? If not, it may be worth doing so you can catch your fertile time. If you are only using an app it cannot determine when you are ovulating. It guesses based on what you put in as your cycle length.
Also, when your period ends is irrelevant. The day it starts is cycle day one. If you have a 28 day cycle I would expect you to be ovulating on day 14-16 (two weeks after your period begins).

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