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Eating for Fertility

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LittleSparkes Mon 18-Jul-16 16:37:25


We are on our 7th month of TTC. We miscarried back in January /February.

I was just wondering what people think about 'eating for fertility' , 'fertility foods' etc.....

I generally eat very well, 3 portions of fruit a day and at least 1 portion of veg. I tend to eat either oats or yogurt and fruit in the morning. Dried fruit and nuts for snacks. Lunch is usually some noodles and veg. Dinner always a protein (fish or meat) with steamed veggies or salad. I also take supplements (when I remember).

I really want to conceive this month and was wondering if their was anything more I could do to help things along! I am sure that there are plenty of others out there as well that would like some tips too!

haveacupoftea Mon 18-Jul-16 17:54:17

There is definitely something in it. The month I conceived previously was January - when I was doing Slimming World and eating fruit or veg at every meal, much less alcohol and takeaways and more water. Ended in CP but still the only conception I have ever had.

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