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TTC confusion 😞

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Michelle91 Mon 18-Jul-16 16:18:59

Hi all,
Just need a little advice before I try to get on the long waiting list at my doctors surgery! Me and my partner sadly lost our daughter full term at the end of Feb, both devastated we have eventually decided to start trying again! I have been regular with cycles since 6 weeks pp but this month I am a week over due my period! Tested so many times to receive a BFN 😞 This morning it looked as though I was about to come on ( pink stuff when I wiped sorry TMI) but after being out for the day nothing!! I've had creamy cervical mucus most days as well? I didn't believe I was pregnant the first time so I didn't even notice if these were tell tale signs! I know chances are I'm probably not but has anybody had anything similar happen to them and came out with a late positive? Thanks in advance xx

raddersmrs Tue 19-Jul-16 09:51:29

Hello, I've not got much advice but wanted to say sorry for your loss. You're so strong.
I'm on another thread where there is someone who's AF hasn't arrived and they are getting BFNs. The best thing is to get checked out with the doctor I think although I can't offer any first hand advice.

I really hope it turns out to be positive news for you xxxx

Michelle91 Thu 21-Jul-16 01:32:00

Thank you for your kind reply, still no sign of AF but I have delayed testing for a few days just to stop the upset of a BFN... Only thing I seem to be getting now is a little bit of heart burn and my boobs feel heavier ! Praying for a BFP thank you again flowers xxx

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