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Thread 4: Ttc without ease, loopy length cycles, post pill poas and everything in between!

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BoBo90 Sun 17-Jul-16 19:43:17

Welcome to thread 4 Ladies!

Hello to all our old members and welcome to any new smile

Here is our previous thread:

and here is our current list of lovelies smile:

smile Ladies-in-waiting smile
Cookie22 - ttc #1 - Cycle 9
Bobo90 - ttc #1 - Cycle 6
Helpmeconceive - ttc #1 - Cycle 4
Tinyemmy - ttc #2 - Cycle 4
Mummy2squish - ?
Sparkle789 - ttc #? - Cycle 3
CatMum87 - ttc #1 - Cycle 2
May07 - ttc#1 - Cycle 4
Iwillbemrsminty - ttc #1 - Cycle 4
Loulabelle1990 - ttc #1 - Cycle 6
Johno85 - ttc #1 - Cycle 7
ClaireSunflower -ttc #? - Cycle 3
Sophronia - ttc #1 - Cycle 2
SusieBu16 -ttc #2 - Cycle ?
Purpleviola14 - ttc #1 - Cycle 3
Chloe2413 - ttc #1 - Cycle ?
Marmitetoast1 - ttc#1 - Cycle 3
Happybus28 - ttc #? - Cycle ?
Pyjamas81 - ttc #1 - Cycle 1
MishyBakes - ttc #1 - Cycle 2
Artynic - ttc #1 - Cycle 2
Sarahhh1984 - ttc #1 - Cycle 1
peskyfeelings - ttc #1 - Cycle 3
AnnaKateNZ - ttc #1 - Cycle 2
HighHopes16 - ttc #1 - Cycle 1
Niks2029 - ttc #3 - Cycle 1
user1468336922 - ttc #2 - Cycle ?
SummerHopin - ttc #1 - Cycle 4
Staronthewall - ttc #1 - Cycle 1
Jjspoon - ttc #1 - Cycle 1

grin Resident Preggos grin

Johno85 Sun 17-Jul-16 20:43:37

Thanks bobo for sorting the new thread smile

Purpleviola14 Sun 17-Jul-16 20:52:02

And thanks for updating the list smile xx

sarahhh1984 Sun 17-Jul-16 21:03:11

Thanks for sorting the new thread, Bobo!

peskyfeelings Sun 17-Jul-16 22:08:09

Thankyou BoBo

Nutcaserugby Sun 17-Jul-16 22:16:23

Can I join please. TTC #1 cycle 3

sparkle789 Sun 17-Jul-16 23:19:36

Just place marking as I'm supposed to be having a week off from thinking about ttc

peskyfeelings Mon 18-Jul-16 06:19:00

Hello Nutcaserugby!

Loulabelle1990 Mon 18-Jul-16 07:39:21

Tha is for the new thread Bobo grin

Nutcaserugby Mon 18-Jul-16 08:10:56

Hello smile

sarahhh1984 Mon 18-Jul-16 08:28:30

Morning ladies. Just curious, has anyone ever had heartburn as an AF symptom before? Or darkening of the skin around their nipples as an AF symptom for that matter.

Been getting both and have never had either before (never even had heartburn in any capacity until recently). Not sure when AF is due but think it would be soon if it's coming. Got a BFN on Sunday with an FRER but, as I'm not sure when I ovulated I'm not counting myself out just yet. x

BoBo90 Mon 18-Jul-16 14:52:32

Welcome nutcase! I'll add you to our list next time im on my laptop πŸ™‚

I can't help I'm afraid sarah πŸ˜” I've not had either of those symptoms so they could be pg ones! You could get some cheapy tests and keep trying everyday until af shows (because I'm impatient and want more bfps in the group πŸ˜†)

I think I ov'd and I'm now 2dpo! Not 100% but that's what I'm going by! Soooo will probably test at 9dpo which is our first wedding anniversary! I know it's too early but wouldn't that be a fab suprise!!

Who is currently in the tww with Sarah? Any testing due? Xxx

peskyfeelings Mon 18-Jul-16 15:49:26

I'm supposed to be in the tww wait BoBo but I fear from my charting that I'm not actually ovulating😒

A bfp from someone would be nice😊 Fx somebody obliges soon.

Nutcaserugby Mon 18-Jul-16 16:19:25

Thanks @BoBo90 πŸ‘πŸΌ

sarahhh1984 Mon 18-Jul-16 16:48:13

Thanks Bobo! I'm off on holiday for two weeks tomorrow so I'm taking some hpts with me. If AF hasn't shown up by the weekend I'll do another test. Should have Wi-Fi while I'm away so I'll update you if I get a BFP! Fx...

Fx for anyone else in the 2ww as well! x

babydances Mon 18-Jul-16 17:06:36

Hi pls could I join? I had my implant out nearly two weeks ago. It was 10 months out of date and my cycles were all over the place since Jan. Not got a clue when I'm ovulating etc as not had a period since having it out.
Ttc #2
Cycle 4
Age 30

Couldn't get out of date implant out for ages because of a potential anaesthetic allergy but it's now finally out and I suspect it was messing with my cycles

Johno85 Mon 18-Jul-16 17:22:40

Hi newbies. Hey bobo lets go with 2dpo smile

I'm in the 2ww. Cd 38 today. Supposedly 12dpo. Temp still high. Boobs hurt and no sign of AF. Think my longest LP to date has been 15 days.

BoBo90 Mon 18-Jul-16 17:34:58

Welcome baby! I will also add you to the list later πŸ™‚

Oooh Johno exciting symptoms!! When are you gonna test?? !!TEST NOW!! πŸ˜„

Johno85 Mon 18-Jul-16 17:50:47

Pahaha Bobo! How do you do that think when you score it out?! Erm so agreed with DH not to test till wed morning. Then Saturday if Bfn and no AF. X

BoBo90 Mon 18-Jul-16 18:58:41

you just put -- either side of the phrase/word πŸ˜„

Tut making me wait 😫 I have everything crossed for you!! Xx

Johno85 Mon 18-Jul-16 19:15:32

Thanks for the inside we've been on here too long knowledge wink

Sunnydays321 Mon 18-Jul-16 19:22:31

Hi everyone! It's sunnydays from the preggo list, and from the original thread. I've been sneakily checking in stalking All of you! Sorry you are all still battling the crazy cycles but I'm wishing you all lots of luck on this new thread. Remember I was in the same boat, off pill for for 9 months, periods anywhere from 4-12 weeks! And short luteal phase. And I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl. Keep at it! Keep doing the opks and temping, that's the only way I could make any sense of my wakko cycles! I will keep stalking you all for news xxxx

Johno85 Mon 18-Jul-16 19:27:55

Hey sunnydays. Lush to hear from you lovely and to hear you and little miss are doing well. Hope this amazing heat isn't too tough. Keep sharing those pills pearls of wisdom X

Loulabelle1990 Mon 18-Jul-16 20:56:38

Johno I wish you would test already! Sounds very promising wink.

So lovely to hear from you sunny! How is your pregnancy going? Congratulations on finding out your having a little girl! How wonderful xxx

Johno85 Mon 18-Jul-16 21:16:11

I think team fx are more hopeful/excited than I am! Ovia says my average LP (across all my cycles) is 15 days. So if I can hold on till Wed I won't get the dreaded disappointment of a bfn before AF. Normally I can't wait to test. Now I just keep thinking AF will just show up. Eeeeek!

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