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Clearblue digital OPK after miscarriage

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LittleHeart14 Thu 14-Jul-16 11:43:13

I recently suffered a late miscarriage and am having a hard time focusing in much else besides our son, Harris' funeral, which is next week, and the possibility of trying again.

I have a question about Clearblue digital ovulation tests. Started using old monitor a few days ago to get in tune with my cycle again as it can be up to 90 days and we might like to try for another baby in a few months after (and if) we get test results from post mortem. Anyway, the OPK detected high fertility and has continued to do so. I had to take a pill to stop the pregnancy hormone over two weeks ago now so I'm assuming it's correct and not picking up the old pregnancy. I did a pregnancy test which was negative. However, today I tried the new monitor I received after ordering more sticks, and it's negative. Is this because the old monitor is more in tune with me? Should I continue using that?

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