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Conceiving after Nexplanon: Please help!

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Liv934 Wed 13-Jul-16 23:11:02


This is my first post to this site; I'm really hoping someone could help me! confused

I've had the contraceptive implant for 6 years (Implanon then Nexplanon), and always had irregular periods with them. I had it removed on 24th May this year. AF came on 30th May (normal), and my partner and I have been trying to conceive since having it removed. All we want is our own little bundle of joy! grin
AF was then due on 25th June but was 2 weeks late, taking us to last Saturday (several pregnancy tests showed negative!)... I then had very light bleeding for the day, followed by 3 days of spotting.

I'm still having so many symptoms (strange sensation in lower belly, back ache, cramps, slight sickness, mood swings, and my partner seems to think my chest is a lot bigger). It's so confusing for me.
Each negative test feels like a punch in the gut so it's making me want to stop doing them! I know it can take a while to conceive and I am being patient but I'm just getting so confused with all of these symptoms!

My partner is desperate for me to go to the GP and get a blood test, but I'd be so embarrassed going and saying I'm having pregnancy symptoms, and it be negative sad
I also know that it takes a while for the hormones to leave your body... I'd be embarrassed for the Dr to just dismiss it as that.
Has anyone else had any weird symptoms like this? What could it be? smile

Thanks in advance! smile

Liv934 Thu 14-Jul-16 20:46:00


PurpleHaze1 Fri 15-Jul-16 16:07:22

Hi Liv I had the implant out at the end of May as well. I had bleeding which seemed like AF a few days later but it was just a withdrawal bleed. Could it be that what you think was AF on 30th May was actually something similar and therefore your dates are all out?

Sorry I can't be much more help. Hope you can get some answers soon, it's horrible not knowing flowers

user1480822138 Sun 04-Dec-16 03:50:51

Hello everyone, new here and looking for someone in a similar situation.
Basically I'm reading all these stories about women coming off the implant and getting caught pregnant straight away... thing is they all seem to have had them for less than 4years...
I've just recently had my taken out 2nd November 16... after having it in continuosly from 2008, so 8yrs which is a very long time!!!
My son turns 9 next April, and we want to make 3 become a 4...
I'm actually so excited but scared all at the same time incase having the implant for sooooo long may have damaged my fertility 😔
And so with this brief information, has anybody else had there's in for this amount time and be able to conceive fairly quickly afterwards?
Any advice would be greatly appriciated 😊
PS - I was two days into a period when it was removed which lasted around 7 days...

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