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TTC with erectile dysfunction

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MsBranwen Tue 12-Jul-16 17:26:45

Hi there,

I'm very new here but really quite desperate for some support and advice. DH and I have been TTC for the past 8 weeks since I came off the pill. We'd talked about it a lot and about how we'd just 'see what happened'. But since I stopped taking the pill we have only been able to have full sex about once a week, all the other times we try he just can't stay hard. I know it's early days really, and we have spoken about it but I'm really keen not to put more pressure on him because I know that will just make it worse... but it's so difficult knowing when I'm ovulating and things like that, because i feel so on my own with it... and I'm worrying that I will never get pregnant because we'll never have sex at at time when I'm fertile... so I'm going a bit crazy and would really appreciate any advice or to hear about your experiences or something similar.

danikagrace Wed 13-Jul-16 09:58:13

Hi MsBranwen, has this always been the case before TTC? It's really common so please don't worry. Is your GP any good? If I were you - maybe if you haven't already you could make a general appointment for yourself with your GP and when you get there say you want to ttc and wanted to make sure your jabs are up to date and ask is there anything you should be doing etc. Then just slip in there about your DH and ask for advice and what would happen if you made him an appointment - would they give him something? Tell them before making him an appt you want to be sure he won't just be sent away as you don't want to add to pressure etc.

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