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'skipped period' or 'late cycle'???

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SummerHopin Tue 12-Jul-16 11:05:47

Hi there.
I've just joined up, I'm 31 and ttc baby#1 with my husband. I've been on the pill since I was about 16 so have no idea of my usual cycle, and since coming off (March) I have been using a menstrual app to track my cycles. I have had 2 cycles with periods at the time the calendar stated (my periods are only approx 2 days though, they've always been light).
My last period was due last Friday 8th June and I had the tummy pains to let me know it was coming........then nothing?? I took a test the next day (have one of the bumper packs of dip stick ones) - BFN, so thought it was just a late cycle. We are now at 12th June and still nothing, although I took another test yesterday and still BFN.
I have joined this site as many of my friends are pregnant or have kids and I dont feel I can ask them because if it turns out BFN overall I'm going to be heartbroken. I cant believe that I'm only 4 days late it feels like a year! But I dont seem to have any other symptoms other than quite a windy belly at night in bed making lots of noises?!?
I've read lots of other conversations and I know that waiting is the only way to really see, but I dont know if its normal to have 2 same length cycles and then the next one almost a week late?
I'm daring to dream but with a real lack of any of the tell tale signs I'm thinking this could just be a cycle thing?
Any comments gratefully received.
Thank you

OVO1410 Tue 12-Jul-16 13:00:49

Hi, I stopped taking my pill on 8th April and had my first period on 8th May. I thought I was due my next one on 7th June and took loads of tests when I was late and they were all negative. I started charting my temperature and found that I ovulated 4 weeks late (19th June which was CD43). So I was just having a really long cycle and was actually due my next period on 4th July (but I'm pregnant instead). Contraception messes your body up so you need to give it time to readjust. Charting really helps to let you know where you are in your cycle smile

SummerHopin Tue 12-Jul-16 13:19:08

Wow so you're pregnant in your second cycle then? When did you test if your period was due 4th July? (If you dont mind me asking), and did you have any symptoms at that time?
Congratulations smile

OVO1410 Tue 12-Jul-16 13:35:09

Thanks smile A doctor would say that I fell pregnant in my first cycle (as they count it from one period to the next). I've been on the mini pill for 12 years with no periods at all in that time. The only time I've been off the pill before was when I had my first baby and I conceived him in my first cycle too so I'm very lucky. I tested on 1st July when I was 12 days post ovulation and got a very faint line. I did a couple more tests over the next few days and the lines got darker. The only symptoms I had was sore boobs and bloating. The problem with early pregnancy symptoms is that they're really similar to PMS symptoms so you don't know really until you test.

SummerHopin Tue 12-Jul-16 13:56:24

Yes, the symptoms are so alike! The only thing puzzling me is that I had the period pains at exactly the right time for the period but with no period.
I was on a combined pill and so had withdrawal bleeds each month, and when I came off the nurse said that the pill I was on would be gone within 48 hours and my cycle should come back pretty much straight away. My problem was that I had no idea what the normal cycle was, but having 2 pretty similar ones I thought I may have cracked it!
It sounds sadly as though this is just a cycle thing, but if it hasnt arrived by Friday I'll do another test. I find the tests themselves really heart wrenching - desperately looking for that second line! sad
Thanks for your comments - I'll let you know if a miracle happens on Friday xx

OVO1410 Tue 12-Jul-16 14:37:15

It can take up to 6 months after stopping the pill for your cycles to become regular. And you can have period-like pains when you ovulate. So maybe that's what your pain was and you've just ovulated late? Unfortunately all you can do is wait and keep testing. The wait is horrific though and can take over your life if you let it. I was really bad and did a test pretty much every day for a month until I got a positive. I knew I should stop testing but I'm impatient and have no willpower confused Please let me know how you get on. I'll have my fingers crossed for you x

SummerHopin Tue 12-Jul-16 15:05:06

I'm impatient too - its killing me!! lol

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