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AF due 20th July / 5DPO - Who Wants to Test With Me??

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BambooBambii Mon 11-Jul-16 13:35:26


Some of these threads are HUGE and I'm feeling a bit lost, so I'd thought I'd make a new one for anyone who is due their AF Wednesday 20th July (or thereabouts!) and are 4/5 DPO.

Symptoms so far
1-3DPO - Nothing
4DPO - sore boobs and lots of clear CM (sorry!)
5DPO - very sore lower back right in the middle, sore bbs + AF style cramps

A little about me... I've suffered x2 miscarriages over the years, one at 6 weeks and the other at 10 weeks (had a D&C). Horrible experience but hoping for a sticky bean this time! So technically I'm trying for my 1st.

Would love to know a bit about you as well and hope we can test together - and try to keep sane while waiting! Good luck everyone smile

Poppydm Mon 11-Jul-16 16:52:02

Hi Bamboo, I'll test with you smile

I'm Poppy
TTC -1
Cycle 2

I came off the pill in March but only had two real AFs so classing this as cycle 2. Cycles are usually around 30 days so I'm on CD23 but only 3dpo.
We managed to DTD a few times in the build up to ovulation so got everything crossed it works for us this month.
So sorry to hear about your mc. Got everything crossed for you this time.
I've not really noticed any symptoms yet but I've been so busy with work I've not really had time to think about it too much which is a good thing I suppose.
Your symptoms sound promising. I found an implantation calculator where you can enter your ovulation date and it gives you the percentage likelihood of days for implantation.
Not that I'm obsessed or anything blush

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 17:12:36

Hi Poppy, I've changed my username (just so you're not confused haha!) Thanks for joining me smile Isn't it exciting!!

You sound similar to me, my cycles are 31 days, AF always comes 20th of every month. What type of pill were you on before you came off? I found the mini pill was the only thing that didnt send me loopy, plus I had to take it because I'm (well was) a smoker.

With having 2 MC before, this time I'm taking folic acid and omega-3 fish oil, just for peace of mind really! Is there anything your doing to entice sticky bean?

Ooh thanks for the link I shall have a gander smile

Poppydm Mon 11-Jul-16 17:28:04

Hi Mighty :-) I used to love that program! I was on cilest. I found it ok after being on mycrogynon which did make me actually crazy. And a bit fat. I've been on it for years (around 13 I think) so have no idea at all what my cycles are like.
I'm hoping they're setling in to a regular pattern. I've had a positive OPK each month always around cd19/20 so I'm hopeful that I'm ovulating. The only thing worrying me is my AFs. I remember them naturally being a lot heavier and I would always get cramps, skin breakouts but so far nothing really. Quite light and lasting only 4/5 days. Hopefully it's all ok. Have your cycles been quite regular?
I've just been taking the seven seas trying to conceive vitamins. Been taking them since coming off the pill. Really hoping they help this month!

Pinkpetal12 Mon 11-Jul-16 18:01:09

Marking my place smile
7pdo, AF due on the 18th.
So far just experienced a little cramping and dull lower backache.
I suffered a mc in March so currently waiting for my rainbow baby.
Ttc for 15months sad

Poppydm Mon 11-Jul-16 18:31:02

Hi Pink smile I can't imagine 15 months sad fx for you this month. When are you planning on testing? I tested 12dpo last time and got a bfn then AF arrived the next day so think I might try to wait until it's actually late this time (highly unlikely!)

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 19:02:20

Hi pink! Welcome to the mini 2WW thread! smile

So sorry to hear of your MC! They're so devastating. Hope your healing well. This is my first time ttc after my D&C 2 years ago. apparently there can be a risk of scarring in the womb so just so so so hoping nothing's been affected. Did they find a cause, Pink? It's why I'm now taking fish oils (omega-3) and if I get a BFP I'll be asking my doctor about low dose aspirin. Have you read about it? Good luck!!

Poppy I've heard good things about the Seven Seas prenatals but they're always sold out at my boots! Do they contain folic acid? That's all I'm taking at the mo - I bought 3 packs of Pregnacare pre-conception tablets from boots for £18 squid, only to read a load of horror stories (messing with cycles, stopping periods to make a few!) Luckily I got my money back and bought standard folic acid instead. Not sure there's much more we can do at the mo - I'm taking fish oil as apparently it can help the bean stick (along those lines!!)

With your AF, when I had my coil out it deffo took s couple of cycles to right itself. I'm normally on 3 days and never that heavy, after the coil my period would last 6-8 days and it was like Niagara Falls hmm I'm certain it'll level itself out - but if you get a BFP you won't need to be too concerned! Have you ever had a BFP?

Pinkpetal12 Mon 11-Jul-16 19:06:30

Thanks poppy and mighty!
I know it's been a long journey but keeping optimistic smile
Me and hubby have had all the tests done and we are both fine, and with the mc in March I'm just glad to know I can get pregnant, I don't think I'm going to test unless I'm 1 day late. Simply because I always and I mean always test early and obviously negative and it just breaks my heart so this month (first month) of not testing. Xx

Pinkpetal12 Mon 11-Jul-16 19:09:06

Just to add I didn't take any prenatal vitamins up until February and then got my BFP in March! And they were the seven seas ones. I do like them as they are so easy to take.

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 19:13:17

Ah pink sometimes it's just pure bad luck. Both of mine were chromosomal. I feel the same as you, at least we know things are "working" so to speak! Not that it helps lessen the pain sadright must get my paws on some SS vitamins!

I agree, testing early is SUCH a gamble. Especially when you've been waiting almost half a month only to find those symptoms meant nothing! We can all try test together smile fx!!

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 20:28:59

Just thought I'd mention this - DH has made mince with onions and the smell of onions nearly made me vomit! envy never had that before... hmm

Pinkpetal12 Mon 11-Jul-16 20:32:53

I think it will happen eventually, although it's pure heartbreak waiting.
Normally at around this time in my cycle I'm usually cramping etc, however this month I'm not cramping as much which is making me question what's going on x

FeckArseIndustries Mon 11-Jul-16 21:09:47

BambooBambi are you sure about when you ovulated? From your description I would think you ovulated around the time you describe as 4-5dpo. I think because the last day of clear ewcm is usually when you ovulate. But I'm not an expert.

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 21:17:15

To be honest feck I'm not really sure myself! It's sort of guesswork I've done an ovulation calculator but haven't starting charting etc yet - don't want y

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 21:18:16

Oops! Hit wrong button! Just going by a fertility calendar at the moment.

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 21:22:42

pink maybe make a note of your symptoms month by month? With both of my last pregnancies my symptoms both s

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 21:25:41

Oh my, this app is driving me up the wall! I keep pressing send by accident sorry folks blush pink maybe keep a diary of symptoms month by month, you might find a pattern emerges. all pregnancies differ in symptoms (mine did, just nausea wth the first and really sore boobs the second) so it could certainly be a good sign!! Keeping everything crossed for you!

FeckArseIndustries Mon 11-Jul-16 21:29:41

Oooh, in that case, there's a really great book you should read called Taking charge of your fertility, by Toni Wechsler. I read it years ago and it really explains all the signs of ovulation and how to recognise when you're in your fertile time. I really recommend it for anyone keen to better understand what's going on when in their cycle. x

Justkeepswimming99 Mon 11-Jul-16 21:38:45

Evening all, can I join in?
Lots of positive hope signs above, everything crossed for you all.

40, trying for first after a mmc in April. Pregnant first go last time but nothing in last 2 cycles, even though I was convinced I had symptoms, bloating, boobs, twinges from really on.
7/8 DPO at the minute and yep again I think my boobs hurt, I feel asleep for 10 minutes when I got in from work.. Who knows?

Had an ultrasound today at cd21 as ovary area has been painful pretty much all month, didn't expect to see anything but she did see there was signs I've probably have ovulated so that's a start.
Not sure how long I'll wait to test 😊

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 21:41:50

Thank you feck! I'll certainly take a look! I feel daft now, I so hope I've not missed my window of opportunity lol! We've done the deed a fair few times though so fingers crossed!! We'll soon find out next Wednesday. When are you testing?

MightyLightningMouse Mon 11-Jul-16 21:47:57

Hi swimming! of course you can join! So so sorry to hear about the MC - gosh aren't they common!? Doesn't make it easier but at least there's a level of support on forums like these. I think I'm going to test next Tuesday. Normally people get results as early as 10DPO but if you can hold off we can test around the same time? Are your cycles regular? The symptoms can be sooo cruel you think you have every symptom possible then BAM old AF walks through the door. hmm it all sounds promising, even if we all just jot our symptoms on this thread daily it'll help us keep track if we're not successful this month. Do you have any children swimming or is it your first? Good luck!!

Poppydm Mon 11-Jul-16 21:50:50

Can't imagine what youve been through. That's great that everything is ok with you and your DH Pink Hopefully the little beans will stick for you both this time. Did it take you both long to fall pregnant before?
I've never had a bfp and have been on the pill for years so just hoping everything is ok with us.

Poppydm Mon 11-Jul-16 21:56:23

Hi to Feck and Swimming too! Thanks for the book recommendation. Will def have a look. I've been using OPKs so hoping I caught the right time as I got a strong positive on CD20. I noticed ewcm for around two days prior to the positive OPK then probably a day and a bit after and then it changed to more like the school glue as described in Ovia confused Sorry for the TMI. It's definitely useful to track so you can see the patterns in your own cycle.

FeckArseIndustries Mon 11-Jul-16 22:06:21

Don't forget to add on 4-5 days from when you were going to test/expect af, to account for ovulation being later (possibly). Don't feel silly, that book is an absolute revelation! I think they should teach it in schools but they probably don't trust girls with that level of knowledge about their own reproduction, in case half of them try it out and get knocked up, haha. Good luck. I'm testing tomorrow at 10dpo because, well why not, I can always test again later!

FeckArseIndustries Mon 11-Jul-16 22:08:23

Poppydm it is really useful. I used to track it to avoid pregnancy for a few years when I couldn't take any hormonal contraception.

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