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user1468153786 Sun 10-Jul-16 23:33:23

Hello all! First post so hoping to get some advice.

My hubby and I have just started TTC. I came off my pill (Cerelle) on 12th June and so far have had no withdrawal bleed or period whatsoever. I have a lot of symptoms that I've never had before - sore breasts, severe mood swings, extreme tiredness etc. I've done a few home pregnancy tests and all have come back negative so I'm assuming this is just symptoms of coming off the pill.

My question is - for those of you who got pregnant straight after stopping your pill, how did you know you were "late"? How did you know when to test? I've never had any problems with PMT or irregular cycles before so just wondering if I'm testing too soon?

Any advice warmly welcomed!

danikagrace Wed 13-Jul-16 10:13:19

Hi, if those symptoms are unusual for you you could be pg and just early like you say. I'd test every other day with your first wee of the day and if you still have no period and no positive in the next fortnight maybe make an appointment with your GP x

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