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Rarely get a positive OPK - anyone else?

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Thomasina76 Fri 08-Jul-16 17:06:08

Been TTC for 8 months and using OPK for 5 months or so. With the Boots colour test ones I have had the line go darker than the test line which I assume is positive but this has only happen maybe twice. I have also used the digital tests and never had a "yes"! I am 99% sure I am ovulating as I have all the other signs plus had two transvaginal scans (in separate months) which confirmed I had ovulated a few days before. Have tried doing the tests at different times of the day but never seem to get a "yes". What am I doing wrong?

Johno85 Fri 08-Jul-16 20:21:20

Hiya. Sorry you're having such a rubbish time. I'm on cycle 8 ttc as well. I bought the "one step" Internet opk's and never ever got a positive. I've been using the CB dual hormone digital opk's and have had it lead to peak fertility only once.

Are you temping or checking your cm? That may be a better way to clue you in. How long are your cycles ATM?

It will all be ok smileflowersX

Thomasina76 Fri 08-Jul-16 23:18:47

Thanks Johno. Am tracking temp for the first time this month and waiting for it to go up (day 13 now so should be any time as I usually ovulate on day 12 or 13) so we'll see. I try to track CM as well but find it tricky as I often get thrush so hard to tell. I have definitely noticed a lack of egg white in the last year or so. Wonder if that has anything to do with it. Read somewhere to take cough medicine to help with that so we shall see! Regarding the OPKs, I used them when TTC DS1 and never got a positive then either so maybe these tests aren't that accurate or easy to use. We're DTD every day anyway so not sure what else we can do. Good luck with TTC. 8 months feels like forever doesnt it? Have already started to think it's never going to happen (I'm 40 in a few weeks). xxx

CautionHormone Sat 09-Jul-16 16:51:02

I'm EXACTLY the same.

I can't say I've used the boots colour ones, but I have used the boots digital ones last month and I never got a 'yes' on them either. I started to wonder what was going wrong, especially as I'd had a scan and they said my ovaries look small and I didn't look like I was ovulating, but this cycle I have been using cheapies from Amazon this cycle and I'm getting closer. Beforehand I was never getting lines on them - now I am, which is strange confused

Some ladies do have cycles where they don't ovulate, so maybe some cycles you haven't been?? Not saying you haven't for the full five months you've been testing, though...

Maybe try testing more than once a day?? I've been told to try testing twice a day, and then three times when I'm getting close, because it's easy to miss LH surge. Don't panic too much - x

karryk Sat 09-Jul-16 16:53:03

Same here smile

I've ended up temping and watching for changes in cervical fluid. Just couldn't get the sticks to show anything!

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