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August Bus

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babydances Fri 08-Jul-16 09:55:47

Hi everyone here is the August bus carrying on from the one I was on previous month with u ladies.
Fx this is a lucky bus!
Had my implant out yesterday and gp said I should be good to go within a week.

Not too sure how to track so hoping af arrives to kick things off :-)

Ttc no 2
Test due date ??
Cycle 3 or 4 (lost track now!)

Lelly0503 Sat 09-Jul-16 07:44:32

Hi babydances will be joining this bus as CD1 today!
TTC #1
Cycle 5
Age 25.
I don't think we've quite cracked timing BD around ovulation, we didn't BD enough as bf was really ill so I think this month we will give it a good go! Will be trying SMEP I think xx

BakerJ Sat 09-Jul-16 09:01:21

Hi Ladies,

Tentatively marking my place for August. AF currently 3 days late but had a BFN his morning so no idea what's going on but looks like I'm out for July.

Age 30
TTC #1
Cycle 3 (once AF decides to show up!)

Pyjamas81 Sat 09-Jul-16 13:33:06

Jumping on the bus!
Age - 35
TTC #1
Cycle 2
CD 4

AF got me this month but I was expecting it as work stress prevented any DTD! Really wasn't in the mood... My cycles are all over the place since being on the pill since 16, then implant for three years, then the pill again for a couple of months! And only lasting 2 days at the moment (silver lining) First cycle was about 32 days, this one was only 22 days! Did Clearblue digital opks and ovulated about a week earlier than expected and die to all the work stress just totally missed it! Ovia is very confused hahaha

Prive120 Sat 09-Jul-16 14:20:30

Hi Ladies!
New to MN and hoping to jump on the August bus too.

Age 36 & 3/4
TTC #1
Cycle 4

AF arrived just an hour ago sadly as I'd noticed a few possible pregnancy symptoms over the past few weeks and had everything crossed.
Had an early MC 2 months ago and also just got married so it's been a bit of a ride recently. Just hoping August is better for everyone smile

Monkeyinshoes Sat 09-Jul-16 14:26:24

Jumping on the August bus too...

Age 33
TTC #3
Cycle 1 CD9

FF app predicts ovulation next week, I'm hoping I shift this cold soon because my snotty nose and stuffed up head kills the BDing mood.

Wibblewobble100 Sat 09-Jul-16 21:17:44

Age 35
TTC no 2
Cycle 7 😠
Fingers crossed.

babydances Sat 09-Jul-16 22:06:23

Hello everyone! I remember you wibblewobble from June bus. Sorry to hear it's c7. flowers
Has anyone seen writer lately?

EJ1986 Sat 09-Jul-16 22:17:49

Hi all

I'm 29
Ttc #1
August will be our first month so not quite on this bus but more waiting at the bus stop waving at you all, excited to board.grin

HeyMcmuffin Sun 10-Jul-16 17:18:48

Hi can I join you ladies?

Age 29
TTC #3
Cycle 4
Cycle day 1

Fingers crossed for everyone!!

Writerwannabe83 Sun 10-Jul-16 18:02:31

Hi Bus smile

Currently on CD7 and will be entering my fertile week in 7 days according to Ovia.

This will be cycle 2 of TTC as last month was an absolute no-go due to DH having had an operation and sex was impossible grin

We've had a really rough month with our son (2yrs 3m) to the point where we have seriously reconsidered TTC#2 but things seem to be settling down a bit now so I'm hoping DH is back on board.

We haven't exactly sat down and had 'the discussion' about whether to start TTC again but at the same time he know I'm not on any contraception and I'm assuming he knows how babies are made grin

My current state of mind is that I don't think I will ever be 100% sure that there is a perfect time to have another baby so we may as well just crack on and see what happens.

Thanks for noticing my absence babydances - I had been quietly waiting to see if an August bus had been created but also unsure as to whether we'd even be TTC again anyway.

But I'm here now and ready to obsess over symptoms again grin

Wibblewobble100 Sun 10-Jul-16 20:48:18

Hi all,
Yes a few names I recognise! Which is is nice. As much as I hope each and everyone of us gets a BFP this month it's so reassuring to know youre not the only one not conceiving first time.... It such a frustrating journey- last time I fell first time, this time, well we're onto cycle 7. I'm almost 3 years older and I guess that's taking its toll 😞.

Anyway best of luck to everyone... I don't always post regularly cause I am only logged in on the computer and not my phone but I check in most days!

ginandcake Sun 10-Jul-16 21:12:19


Age 32
TTC #3
Cycle 2
CD 7

Slightly disappointed that things didn't happen last cycle but AF arrived whilst I was on holiday in France so made sure I had 9 months worth of soft cheese, pate, shellfish and wine!

babydances Mon 11-Jul-16 08:49:34

Lots of names I recognise in here and new faces!
Extra special wave to gin, writer, wibblewobble !
I think the best tact writer is to not talk about it and just "see what happens" grin ie. If I talk too much about it to my dp it freaks him out.
He is much better about ttc but I must remember to not bore him about it.
Whenever is the right time writer? There will be a 7 year gap between my DC and new baby. There's no right or wrong time.

gin that made me laugh about your 9 months of shellfish and pate, good for you!

Sorry to hear that everyone hasn't had their BFP yet but we can all keep our fx for this month xxx

Me9an Mon 11-Jul-16 11:11:52


Newbie to MN!
This will be our first month trying, feeling a little daunted by it all!!

TTC no 1
Age 25
Currently waiting for AF to arrive!

Fingers crossed for everyone

danikagrace Mon 11-Jul-16 11:55:37

Hi newbies and regulars!

It's my first time "on the bus".

Age 29
TTC #1
Cycle 5
CD 108 (that's not a typo unfortunately)

Have pcos but doing everything I possibly can to help myself and had ewcm for the first time since I stopped taking my pill in Oct so hoping something is happening and I may get lucky!! (back at the hosp with fertility people on 23 aug to discuss getting help)

Vanillaradio Mon 11-Jul-16 12:41:39

Hi all.
Kicked off the July bus by very early arriving af today so jumping on this one.
Age 39
Ttc #2
Cycle 2
Disappointed as conceived ds first month trying so this is new territory to me although only dtd twice in fw and not at all in peak time so was half expecting it.

MishyBakes Mon 11-Jul-16 22:44:52

Hello everyone!
I'm joining the August bus a bit early, I'm due my AF in the next few days, and I'm 99.9% certain I'm not pregnant this cycle. In fact, I'll eat my hat if AF doesn't show up in 48h.

Still really excited to be trying, and hoping August is a good month for everyone!

Age: 28 (until the end of the week)
TTC #1
Cycle 3
CD tbc smile

Mamato1 Tue 12-Jul-16 00:39:52

Hellooo ladies!

Jumping on August bus from July.
Age 28
TTC #2
Cycle 2
Let's do this!! grin

Writerwannabe83 Tue 12-Jul-16 08:35:05

My fertile week is approaching and I wanted to sneak in some sex sessions before hand so they my DH doesn't get suspicious when I start wanting sex next week, but I've got my Smear on Friday so don't particularly want to be having sex just before that grin

I did try and initiate sex a few days ago but DH wasn't interested. He blamed it on the fact he was still sore with his shoulder after his operation, but I do wonder if it's another sign that he really doesn't want a second baby.

When he comes home tonight I think I'm going to sit him down and seriously talk about whether he sees another baby in our future. We have jokey, light hearted conversations about it but we've never really sat down and actually talked about it. Probably because I'm too scared to sad

babydances Tue 12-Jul-16 09:18:40

Eek writer I know this will sound slightly mad but I wouldn't! He knows u guys are having unprotected sex so he knows u r trying and sitting down seriously about it might freak him out. I would carry on as u are. This I realise is not the best advice but the one that is more likely to get pregnant without him saying no?

danikagrace Tue 12-Jul-16 09:18:49

Hugs Writer flowers
That sounds like a good plan - if you properly understand his fears/concerns you can address them together, & he also needs to know how much this means to you

babydances Tue 12-Jul-16 09:20:47

Big hugs to you. Me and my do seem similar to yours and I've found not talking about it and slipping little hints has made him feel less pressured. I've said the odd thing like how it will be great for DC to have a support network with having a sibling when older. Just a few undeniable positives. Saying that this for us is the last chance really with such a big age gap and feels like a now or never xxx

MishyBakes Tue 12-Jul-16 09:30:05

Only you know the best way to approach this writer. It could be just the recovery from the op? Having had a few orthopaedic ops over the years, I can attest to feeling rough for a few months (and thus not being in the mood...)!

AF got me, so CD1 it is. Onwards and upwards!

Writerwannabe83 Tue 12-Jul-16 09:30:08

I absolutely feel like it's now or never too.

If I don't fall pregnant before the end of the year I think DH will then absolutely say no to another.

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