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Anyone know where I can get the Hcg trigger shot?

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crazymare20 Thu 07-Jul-16 11:55:48

As title really. Been ttc for over a year now. I've done two cycles of clomid one at 50 one at 100. The first cycle failed with no ovulation and we though the same for this one but I had a scan on Tuesday (day 24) which showed a 25mm follie. Bloods have come back with low progesterone so I am unlikely to ovulate on my own. My dr has said I can not have the hcg shot because the hospital does not do them, instead he has put me on the waiting list for ovarian drilling. I'm heart broke that I have a mature egg ready and I have been denied the little extra help to ovulate but he thinks drilling my ovaries is better than giving me the shot. Does anyone know where I could go tinged this shot? I'm willing to go private and pay but time is of the essence before this follie will be no good.

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