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Vegetarian diets and conception. Any fellow veggies on the board?

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peskyfeelings Wed 06-Jul-16 14:25:39

I could really use your opinions if so, as I'm currently really stressing about what to eat/not to eat.

I'm pretty strict vegetarian. I don't buy milk, cheese, eggs etc. I will eat things with these products in if I'm in a restaurant, but I prefer not to.

I'm starting to really stress that my diet is nutrient deficient and that it's going to harm my chances of conceiving. I was told by the nurse yesterday that I should be eating eggs, dairy and consuming salmon for Omega 3. These are all things that I really don't want to eat if I can avoid it.

Ideally I really need to gain some weight as my BMI is currently 18.

I basically don't even know what to eat . I consume a lot of tofu and soya products, but was told yesterday that soya can impact fertility!

Any veggies out there have any advice? I could really use it as this point.

Sakura03 Wed 06-Jul-16 23:27:09

Hi I'm not a veggie but I think you can find a lot of info if you google itsmile good luck

peskyfeelings Thu 07-Jul-16 07:25:52

So much information out there Sakura, but it's all so contradictory. It's hard to know what to think sometimes.

I was hoping talking to some RL people about it might give a little more clarity. It seems that the board is mostly populated with carnivores so far though! 😊

Equimum Thu 07-Jul-16 07:31:56

Although I'm vegetarian, I eat dairy/ goats milks products, so I can't be of mug help there. My SIL, however, is very strict vegan and eats lots of tofu, soya 'dairy' products etc. I know she made sure she was taking all the vitamins she had been advised (the normal ones that people following a vegan diet take), but otherwise, I don't think she made many hanged to her diet. I do know, though, that at mealtimes, she tends to eat a lots of beans etc instead of soya. I know this might not be much help, but she got pregnant pretty easily and now has a healthy toddler, so hopefully you'll have a similar experience.

MustStopAndThinkBeforePosting Thu 07-Jul-16 08:04:05

I am vegetarian and had no trouble conceiving back in the day (over 40 now so not so easy).

The soya thing does have some evidence behind it but won't have a huge effect. You do need plenty of protein though so if you cut down on tofu replace with Quorn or nuts etc.

You can buy vegetarian omega 3 rich oils - and note that the original research that found the benefits of omega 3 used a vegetarian version in the experiments - it's just that fish sources are popular among meat eaters. I mostly just added a tablespoon of omega 3 oil to my morning smoothie but you can also use it in salad dressing (sop up any left on the plate with a bit of bread - don't waste it). I didn't cook with it as I wasn't sure if the high temperature would change the structure of the omega 3 molecules but did sometimes stir it in to a warm sauce just before serving. I kept on with this throughout pg and bf.

Being underweight is probably the biggest issue that is affecting fertility so think about how to increase the nutritional content of what you eat - doesn't have to be from animal sources but lots of things can be boosted with a bit more higher energy additions to the recipe.

Mel2795 Thu 07-Jul-16 18:45:00

I have the exact diet as you! I take vitamins and folic acid! It's safe as long as your eat enough iron, protein etc rich foods!!

peskyfeelings Thu 07-Jul-16 21:42:03

MustStopAndThinkBeforePosting. That's really interesting about omega 3 originally being vegetarian. How odd that people prefer it fish based and that's why they changed it.

I have ordered some veg omega 3. Your suggestion to put it in food is a really good one. Thank you. smile

I really don't want to cut out tofu, as I'm a massive fan. Equimum's encouraging story regarding her sister has made me feel better about keeping it in. I've (reluctantly) added eggs back into my diet, but it will only be for as long as I need to. I'm taking Pregnacare conception tablets at the minute, as well as EP. Do you think that's enough? I've read that too many different supplements can be harmful.

Mel. I'm trying really hard to get my protein. I find iron a bit trickier though, so working on that. Going to stock up on spinach tomorrow.

I am trying to get my BMI up. I'm finding it quite difficult though. I have a really active life, so always on the go. Plus you can't really stuff your face with fattening cakes like many well meaning friends have suggested.

Does BMI genuinely have such a negative impact? I feel really fit and healthy at the minute. Not like I need to gain weight at all (although obviously I will as I want a baby desperately)

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