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PCOS - How long TTC until referral to fertility specialist or chlomid prescription?

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stupidbloodycysts Tue 05-Jul-16 20:25:50

Hi all,

so, I've just been diagnosed with PCOS, great!

My GP (well the locum GP lady) just had the review meeting with me in which she said that on the NHS we have to have been trying for 2 years (we're at 10 months now) until she can refer me to a fertility specialist (for them to prescribe Chlomid). This seems completely ridiculous to me, especially because minutes before this she told me that I am not ovulating... so how the heck are we meant to genuinely be TTC without me actually ovulating???

Can any of you please shed some light on your journeys with PCOS and referrals to fertility specialists? Did you have to try for 2 years even with PCOS? Or did your GP prescribe Chlomid him/herself?

Thank you!

danikagrace Tue 05-Jul-16 21:47:42

So sorry to hear that OP. I have PCOS too, I don't know if it varies depending on where you live but that doesn't sound right to me at all. From what I understood (bearing in mind I'm not a doctor/nhs specialist by any means) you have to be trying for 12 months but this is if you have normal cycles. I stopped taking my pill late October and went to my GP mid-March bc my cycle was all over the place and she ordered tests for me, I had a scan 27 April which confirmed PCOS, results were sent back to my GP and she sent my referral on 13 May (6 months after I stopped taking my pill). I've since had my first hosp appt 2 weeks ago.
So basically, unless things are drastically different in your local NHS trust, it sounds like your GP is full of shit. I'd say you deffo need a second opinion. Fingers crossed for you flowers

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