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Implantation bleeding?

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sweetdispair Tue 05-Jul-16 09:03:47

Hi newbie here looking for a bit of advice.

Not TTC, have had the contraceptive implant for 4 years now, current one inserted less than a year ago. The implant stopped my periods completely, but last night I had some very light bleeding, nothing like a period and only lasted for a few hours. It was a few spots in my underwear, light red/pinkish in colour. Woke up this morning and there's no more blood other than some light brown stains when I wipe (sorry TMI). I also had some very mild cramps.

I'm absolutely terrified this is implantation bleeding, it has come at the worst possible time. Obviously I have googled the hell out of it already, but everything is talking about the last time you Ovulated and when your menstrual cycle is due, both of which I have no clue! I had unprotected sex several times last week with my boyfriend, who suddenly ended our relationship over the weekend, so I've been feeling pretty horrific emotionally and physically due to that. Could the bleeding potentially be stress related? How long do I need to wait to take a pregnancy test and get a reliable result?

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