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Thread 17 TTC#1 Follow the fallopian road ~~~○

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StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 04-Jul-16 21:09:09

Hugh enjoys ISW and his love affair with Doreen. He watches out for skittle tits and weepyitis. Mrs Arseholey Fucknut (Af) shows up when you least want her but brings wine and soft cheese as a consolation prize.

We don't have rules as such but expect to be talked down from the ledge with kind and well meaning but firm words if you get too hysterical. But most importantly don't convince yourself you're pregnant in the tww That is paramount! It messes with your head and makes you crazy crazier

We don't get a lot of baby dust in these here parts. We want a fanny full of determined Doreen, not unicorn farts and gnome tears with extra sparkle. We've been going a while now so the novelty has somewhat worn off and we're slightly battle scarred and bruised in the cervix area.

Post your stats and add your dates. A more lovely, supportive group of ladies you couldn't wish to meet. We've got a few grads sticking around I won't leave and no question is too daft. We have opk experts, cervical mucus management teams and symptom spotters extraudinaire!

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 04-Jul-16 21:11:58

Starky, 30. 19+5 with a vanilla four toed hedgehog. 20 week scan on Thursday so, all being well, this will be my last thread that I start because I feel like I'm taking the piss still being here! Always happy to advise on my experience of opk's though! I love me some opk's!

AlexiaB Mon 04-Jul-16 21:31:08

Wow that sounds crazy Jem. Glad you got the all clear but very worrying nonetheless! Fx all your dtd isn't wasted.

Starky I would love to hear some of your OPK advice and experience please. Which brands, when, how? Etc. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm apparently 15dpo and still no AF. Literally petrified of testing in the morning but I don't think I can resist it and it will be cd38!

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 04-Jul-16 21:40:28

Hope all is well jen flowers

alexia I got a shedload of the amazon cheapies, and from like cd 7 onwards did at least one a day. I had a really long cycle (37-45 days wasn't unusual for me) so I wanted to get a prope idea of if I was actually ovulating. As I approached cd 12 onwards I'd do at least 2/3 a day so I could check in lh surge. Honestly, don't test, give it a couple of days, then if nothing test. I always found the more I kept focusing on numbers the more worked up I'd get, and the later you leave it, the easier it gets. I had all my normal af symptoms the month I got bfp.

SuchaJem Mon 04-Jul-16 21:51:49

Thanks for new thread starky.

I'm Jem
Cycle 7
Day 19

Hope this is a lucky lucky thread xx

AlexiaB Mon 04-Jul-16 21:55:45

Thanks Starky. How long did it take you to conceive? I really envy those with shorter cycles! Mine was 34 days for the last few months but it can be anywhere from 33-42 days. I did try the Amazon cheapies this month a couple times a day but I gave up too early. (oops!)

My Fertility Friend BBT chart looks good with my BD timing and I have some really weird symptoms this month! I've been cramping a lot more than normal, I don't have sore boobs which I usually get before AF and the biggest thing has been this unexplained nausea for the last week. My appetite is basically gone and I even threw up in my mouth twice yesterday. If I'm not finally pregnant this month my body is playing some evil tricks on meconfused

LovelyFishy Mon 04-Jul-16 22:05:28

Ttc 1
Cycle 11
Cd 21

Oh my goodness Jem, glad you're ok, that must have been such a shock!! Do you get a follow up doctors appointment?

So I went for my 21 day bloods this morning, hoping to get results by the end of the week. DH gets his test on Friday, no idea how long we have to wait for those results! Plus got told today I'm also getting an internat ultrasound! Anyone have any experience of these or wisdom to share? confused

In other news, in deference to the Kwick Fertility Diet I had my first avacardo salad tonight and loved it! grin

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 04-Jul-16 22:06:17

I joined the thread in September/October at its conception (badum tschhh) with the intention of starting ttc in January. Started early in December but missed fw completely, overshot it again in Jan, thought I'd cracked it in Feb, actually cracked it in March. So all in all, I was cycle 3/4. But it felt like an eternity. Never had any noticeable ewcm, couldn't ever locate my cervix, just dtd a LOT and I think our main thing was dtd every other day most days, but every day in the lead up to fw and all throughout. I think having sperm there to meet the egg was what cracked it (again, badum tschhh!)

WingingIt83 Mon 04-Jul-16 22:29:07

Thanks for the new thread starky.

Cycle 4, cd15

Fingers crossed for you Alexia!

WingingIt83 Mon 04-Jul-16 22:47:18

kwick yes DH got jumped lol! Still pissed i missed 2 days of FW and didn't have lots of dtd in the lead up but we'll get to it over the coming days and hope that's enough.

liveforthefight Mon 04-Jul-16 22:50:28

Please can I join? Have been shamelessly lurking for a bit!
Ttc #1
Cycle 4 day 1 (oh the joy)
Conceived in cycle 2 but had miscarriage at 7 weeks so hesitantly trying again xx

AliceScarlett Mon 04-Jul-16 22:52:10

Cycle 7? Thought it was 6 but Jem you're my cycle buddy.
Currently waiting for a scan as bleeding between periods.

I handed in my notice today! Don't care about some paltry SMP, going to do different things and not put my life on hold while TTC.

Jem, hope you feel much better soon flowers

AliceScarlett Mon 04-Jul-16 22:58:04

Buying clomid off the internet is batshit crazy right? confused

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 04-Jul-16 23:03:31

alice I know that was probably tongue in cheek but pleeeease don't buy anything like that off the Internet. You can access clomid, pregnyl etc from any muppet that sells steroids in a gym. But it's not worth it, half of it is bootleg and fake (brewed in somebodys garage and mixed with bicarb of aoda and fuck knows what else) half of it is 'fell off the back of a lorry' and ins pharmaceutical grade from Egypt. It's the same stuff, not prescribed then you have no clue what's in it and it can do more harm than good.

AliceScarlett Mon 04-Jul-16 23:26:51

I just saw an ad for it and had a moment blush I won't be buying random drugs off the internet. I think ttc is saping my rationality,

SnarkyGorgon Mon 04-Jul-16 23:41:38

Age 31
TTC #1
Cycle #6
Cd 25

Hi everyone, welcome Alice and live. Thanks for the new thread starky fx for the 20 week scan, blimey you must be super excited!

Woa jem sounds really scary, hope you're ok?

Am finding this 2ww slightly easier than the last 5(!) because in a couple of weeks we'll be bringing home our brand new puppy! I am so unreasonably excited about it, as is my OH who has spent the last few days reading everything he can 😊 Every time I find myself starting to symptom spot I picture that furry little face and it calms me down

Jennyfer08 Mon 04-Jul-16 23:47:51

Age 28
TTC #1
Cycle 3 (after miscarriage cycle 5 over all)
Cd 18

Been lurking for a while so decided to jump in!

I hate the 2ww... And on holiday from work so trying so hard to keep busy!

Mooseville Tue 05-Jul-16 05:22:17

Morning girls!

Age 37 (eek)
Cycle 6/7 - I don't want to count! Lol
CD 20/27
Holding no hope again this month, due to rubbish DTD timings and a DP who panics every FW. Next month not going to be good for us as I'm on a training course 200 miles away for a fortnight over FW - grrrr!

Wide away with the larks as we went to view some houses last night and my head is full of decorating ideas and googling kitchen extensions.... Lol At least it takes my mind of TTC!

Welcome live

jem I hope you're feeling better?

Also loving the puppy news and congrats on the new job Alice Live is too short - we need to live it and TTC at the same time!

nicky883 Tue 05-Jul-16 06:35:20

Joining in

Nicky 28
Cycle 6(!)

Didn't dtd as much this cycle just on cd 11 and cd 13 (28 days cycles) so not very hopeful compared to last cycles when we dtd every day in fertile week .
New things this month : started accupuncture and chinese herbs epo from cd1 to cd12 (although no change in cm )

Welcome to all new people !

kwick Tue 05-Jul-16 07:29:41

Just place holding for now.

emalady Tue 05-Jul-16 07:42:16

Ttc #1
Cycle depends how you count properly trying for 3 but started in August and put it on pause when I changed jobs so feels much longer.

Congratulations rosey fx for a sticky bean.
ever how's it going? Still struggling with the silence?
starky thanks for the new thread. Wow 20 weeks already.
Hello all the new people. Hopefully the run of bfns is over and we are back on a lucky streak!

emalady Tue 05-Jul-16 07:43:15

Ema not email - damn auto correct.

LovelyFishy Tue 05-Jul-16 08:47:14

Welcome Jenny and Live!

Alice I'll back you up on the ttc steals our rationality! I just started filling out a new job application yesterday, it's so exciting!

Snarky yay for the puppy!! Pets are the best, even if they do sometimes drive you crazy! Will we get cute puppy pictures when he/she arrives? grin

Jennyfer08 Tue 05-Jul-16 09:13:45

I was wondering the same re the puppy - defo want to see pics! smile

FXSkip Tue 05-Jul-16 09:30:17

Hi all, skip here again
Currently 6+6 but convinced its ectopic/alien/not alive and that AF is going to start any minute. I went and lurked on the grads thread but there was a spate of bad news that I couldn't deal with so I scampered back here with my tail between my legs. I've been here since November so it feels like home.
I've got my fingers crossed for marmite, hep and rosey

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