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Help please - 2 positive / 2 negative tests 4 weeks after ERPC

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Enigma1975 Mon 04-Jul-16 20:44:54

Hello :-)

I had a missed miscarriage a few months back - and to cut a long story short ended up having surgical management (an ERPC) 4 weeks ago today. And then we went on holiday. The intention was to wait until a while before before ttc again, but it didn't work that way!

Anyway, tested when we were back from hols, 2 weeks after surgery (just to make sure all back to normal), and a very faint pos line. I tested a week later (last week) and nothing. Tested this morning as just curious as no period yet - and a positive (digital test)! Tested again and pos 1-2 weeks. But then two other tests (one digital and one non) said negative??

I have no idea what's happening :-(

I am surprised but happy if I am pregnant. but not sure... Phoned my doctor and am going in for a blood test Weds morning and then one a week / 10 days later which show up whether hormone levels are increasing as with pregnancy or not.

Has this happened to anyone else? It seems bloody miraculous if I am!

Thanks x

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