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Could I have chlaymydia and could it be causing infertility?

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Thomasina76 Mon 04-Jul-16 19:05:55

Have named changed but been posting on these threads a lot about TTC with DH who is 46. I am nearly 40 and we both have 2 DCs each from previous marriages, all conceived with no trouble. We have been TTC for 9 months with no luck so went private for semen test, AMH blood test, transvaginal scan and hycosy. All checked out fine. We decided to try IUI In August as we're both getting on a bit and worried it'll never happen. So, went to see the GP today to ask for blood tests. We'll have to go private but lots of friends have told me that the NHS will at least do the blood tests needed for fertility treatment (HIV, hep B, C etc). GP asked questions and then said, you need a sexual health check as a new partner. So I said, we'll we've been together for 5 years, no symptoms, not picked up in scans, hycosty, swear tests etc, but she was adamant that this was needed. Bit surprised TBH especially as neither of the private clinics we went to asked this (we did questionnaires and both confirmed that neither of us have had any STIs). Is she onto something or is this unnecessary? And am I right to feel like she thinks I'm a woman of ill repute. Or paranoid?

danikagrace Mon 04-Jul-16 22:30:31

Hi Thom,
Woman of ill repute - that's so funny (I felt the same!!). I went for my scheduled smear at the hospital last year and mentioned we were about to start TTC and she recommended a full sexual health check which I obediently had (even though it's been just my other half and I for 10 years). Then when having initial PCOS tests at the GP they did what they said was a 'routine' chlaymydia test, and then lat week at our first referral appointment at the hospital (which I thought would be an initial convo but ended up on the bed with my pants off blush) they did a whole host of tests including, again, chlaymydia.
So if anyone is suspected of being a woman of ill repute it's me grin, you're certainly not alone!!

simplydivine05 Sun 10-Jul-16 18:23:56

Chlamydia check is compulsory on NHS when seeking help with fertility. Along with rubella immunity.

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