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11dpo caved and tested

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ps2304 Mon 04-Jul-16 05:29:33

Ahhhhh!! After all symptoms dropping off at 9dpo had started to think I was out. Please tell me this is a line and I am not dreaming!!

LAmusic Mon 04-Jul-16 05:31:12

I can see it! Congratulations

Flossiesmummy Mon 04-Jul-16 05:31:27

That's a line! Congrats flowers

3littlebadgers Mon 04-Jul-16 05:46:55

There is definitely a line there! flowers grow well little one

pinkieandperkie Mon 04-Jul-16 05:53:21

Your not dreamingsmile

Sittingintheshade Mon 04-Jul-16 08:08:34

It's a line! Congratulations !

ps2304 Mon 04-Jul-16 08:29:06

Thanks everyone, here is my dtd and symptoms for this month: I found these helpful when others posted them:

Dtd cycle days 4, 6,9,10,11,12,14,15,17,18,19,20,22,24 have been on holiday the last week! Positive ovulation smile on cycle day 12&13.

Had very painful boobs on cycle days 19-21 but these have eased off.
My boobs turned very veiny from cycle day 23, I would say that was my give away. Have felt sick since last night also. Positive test cd25. I just hope it sticks!!

MrsGsnow18 Mon 04-Jul-16 13:07:07

Huge Congratulations!!! flowers
Thanks for posting your dtd info! Def helpful to see what people who have got BFP have been doing!

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