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How common are false negatives??

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soph1196 Sun 03-Jul-16 16:03:48

I suffer from PCOS so missing periods are never really a sign for me!

But I have been feeling very different to normal!
I have not had a period in 2 months and have had no contraception since just before my last period!

Morning nausea, sensitive to smells and even being sick on some mornings! Very very bloated, sensitive boobs that have seemingly doubled in size! And I am so so tired!! All the time! 😴

I took a test and it was Negative, but something is making me feel that it could not be right! I just have a feeling!

I have gone back to work after a few weeks off from holiday and people have made a few comments, which is also making me unsure about the neg result!

I have been asked a few times 'are you pregnant?' 'Your skin looks amazing' 'no offence but you look so bloated' etc!

I just wondered how common false negatives were and especially with PCOS?!

Thank you smile

embarrasseddoesntcutit Sun 03-Jul-16 17:29:43

Genuine false negatives are pretty rare. But it is common for a test to be negative if you are very early in your pregnancy, used very diluted urine or used a test which isn't very sensitive. But waiting 2 days should be enough to get a positive. Your pcos shouldn't affect it.

Get a first response or superdrug own test and use first morning urine.

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