TTC following loss of a baby - do i have to wait for a period?

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AprilSkies44 Sun 03-Jul-16 12:05:29

hi all

We lost our little girl last week, i was 13 weeks pregnant

I am very much aware of my age , im 44. We would very much like to start trying again straight away.

How long do i need to wait and more importantly -
do i NEED to wait?

my cycle was regular and around 30 days. i get that it would be so much easier to date a pregnancy if i wait for a period but do i HAVE to do this? is there some medical reason im not aware of?
the bleeding ive had is very slight and we have come close to having sex a couple of times.
is it any worse than dtd when on a period for example?

emotionally and mentally i feel fine. i did most of my grieving when i found out there was a problem at 10 weeks. i had 3 weeks of hell to go through and now its over i just want normality.

im sorry if i sound clinical - im not - the baby i lost was very much wanted. im not looking to "replace" her but dp hasnt had kids (i have two adult children) weve both said if it doesnt happen then its fine but we both want to try again and we dont want to waste time.

any advice would be hugely appreciated.
thank you

AprilSkies44 Sun 03-Jul-16 16:46:30



bebo100 Sun 03-Jul-16 17:52:04

As I understand it medically, there's no need to wait.
That said, you're often advised to wait until after you first period, but I think that's more about being able to confirm and date the pregnancy. Ie. If you haven't returned a negative pregnancy test following your miscarriage, how would you know it was because you haven't fully miscarried the last baby or the start of a new pregnancy? If it is the start of a new pregnancy you wouldn't know your LMP so wouldn't be able to say how many weeks you were, so if you were to need a scan they wouldn't be able to tell you if the baby was developing right for the age, as they wouldn't know the age. Obviously in both those cases thing would eventually run their course and you'd find out, but it could be extra weeks of uncertainty for you to deal with.

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