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Brain food for conception - tips please!

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blossombottom Thu 30-Jun-16 11:12:55


I'm after some wisdom!

I just had ERPC (actually 2 as the first one wasn't successful, and a blood transfusion between the two ops as I lost 1.5 litres) after discovering MMC at dating scan last week, foetus looked 9.5 weeks. It's a massive bummer but I accept that it wasn't meant to be.

We conceived DD (16 months) through IVF as DH had low sperm count, but this one was a delightful natural BFP after his count improved hugely. So we're feeling cautiously hopeful that we can make it happen again. And of course, I want it soon!

So now I want to focus on doing what we can to heal and move on - and try again. I know there's little I can do to really influence a successful pregnancy and a swift conception but I need to feel I'm doing all I can to recover and get back to good health. I was the same with the IVF and helped my morale.

So, can anyone (preferably those who have conceived / conceived soonish after a MC) recommend:

- vitamins or supplements
- diet changes
- books to read
- apps
- anything else?!


BB xx

TheFirie Fri 01-Jul-16 05:07:36

I had my first MC at week 22 on the 1st of July, my gynaecologist told me to wait for the first period and then start trying straight away and I did so and DS1 was conceived in September.

OF course there is no magic recipe but taking a healthy approach doesn't harm.
Quit drinking and smoking (both of you), eat healthy which means high vegetables, fruit, protein, cut the crap and junk food . Just take folic acid and leave the vitamins for after conception.

Fingers crossed for you.

blossombottom Fri 01-Jul-16 08:43:10

Wow, I have heard of so many women who conceived straight after a MC. Did you conceive easily the first time? That's wonderful. I'm so sorry for your loss (last year?), it must have been horrendous to lose a pregnancy at that stage. If this was last year, you must be due very soon??

Thanks for the tips.

TheFirie Fri 01-Jul-16 12:43:29

That was exactly 14 years ago. DS1 is now 13 smile, but I still feel the pain every first of July. When DS1 was 2, I had a second MC at 14 weeks and this time the geneticist wanted to have some tests done so I waited a couple of months but then decided to try again as tests were inconclusive and fell pregnant quickly and DS2 is now 9.
All boys, the 2 I lost and the 2 I kiss every day.

My tips are not worth a lot I am afraid. Life is very unfair when it comes to pregnancies.

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