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Advice needed on when to start trying and coming off the pill?

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user1467268046 Thu 30-Jun-16 07:30:05

I'm looking for advice of when to stop taking my pill. So badly want a baby. Only thing is I have a holiday abroad at the end of November/December so if I did get pregnant straight away would my hol clothes fit me. But then I also feel like should I wait til on holiday to start trying, or in the middle of between now and then. Or now. Really want one now though but don't know when is the right option. X

nmg85 Thu 30-Jun-16 07:39:06

I stopped taking my pill at the end of May to probably begin trying after my hol in Oct. I have a medical condition which means pregnancy could make me housebound or maybe limited so I have to plan it as much as I can. Remember it may take a while for your cycle to come back and then be regular. Also remember you should ideally start taking folic acid for a few months before conceiving. I was surprised that even after being on a pill for 12 years I had my first period with 3-4 weeks but I'm glad I decided to come off earlier... Only thing is now my period will be probably due when on hol lol oh well! Good luck with what ever you decide.

MmmMalbec Fri 01-Jul-16 08:02:46

I'd stop taking the pill now to make sure you body goes back to normal. It took me 5 months to have a normal cycle after coming off the pill and then I got pregnant on the sixth month. If I'd have come off before we wanted to try I would have saved myself lots of heartache I think. Only you can decide when to try. Probably best to think whether fitting in your holiday clothes is more important than potentially not being pregnant until well in to next year. Totally up to you, you really can't predict how long it will take at all! Good luck

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