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Positive then

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K85B Thu 30-Jun-16 01:14:41

Today I have been a crazy poas lady! This morning I got positive on clear blue weeks indicator saying 1-2weeks! Before bed I decided to try one of the Internet cheapies I had lying around and just to make sure...and I got a negative!!! Anyone ever had a false positive on a clearblue digital or am I panicking over nothing??

LolaStarr Thu 30-Jun-16 01:22:53

You won't get a false positive on a digi. The HCG in your urine will have been stronger this morning, it'll have been diluted down later on and if you're really early on the HCG might not be strong enough to show on a test when diluted. Don't worry, try another cheapie with first morning urine tomorrow and I bet it'll be positive smile

K85B Thu 30-Jun-16 01:24:56

Aw I really hope so! My heart sank when I took the test tonight! Will try again in the morning! X

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