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Egg donation - Can anyone recommend a fertility clinic - Sussex

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user1467062757 Wed 29-Jun-16 20:57:38

Hi my partner and I live in Brighton and are looking for a fertility clinic for egg donation as a recipient.
We have had a consultation with the Agora clinic in Hove and were left a little deflated. We were told that IVF would most likely fail as the majority of my remaining eggs are deteriorating ( I am 45 ).
The only option left to us would be egg donation but Agora have an upper age limit of 45 and I will be 46 in February. To be honest we just did not get a good feeling there and would like to try somewhere else.

We have been trying for years and have managed to conceive twice, the first time round I had an eptopic and had to have surgery to remove my fallopion tube. I was devastated as I thought my chances were over but miraculously we managed to conceive a year later. This time round though I miscarried at 9 weeks. That was eighteen months ago and we have been trying ever since.

Needless to say like many in my situation I feel really stressed about the whole thing, my partner is younger than me and recently all of his friends are having children.
I know egg donation is our only chance so any advise or recommendations for clinics would be really appreciated.
I come from Dublin and have heard that there is a clinic there that sources their eggs from donors in Eastern Europe.
We are not against travelling abroad or back to Dublin but I work as a teacher am worried that if I need to keep going back and forth my work will not let me ( also would rather they did not know anyway).

Sorry for going on, thanks in advance.


drinkyourmilk Wed 29-Jun-16 21:03:49

We live near you and travel to the Nuffield at Woking. They are excellent and very professional. We looked at the agora too, but their results are rubbish. Woking is good, but not sure about age limit. It may also be 45- but you could fit in one, possibly two cycles in before you are 46.

tinkitonki Wed 29-Jun-16 23:42:05

I would look at London tbh. The Lister is only a 10 minute walk from Victoria station for example so quite commutable from Brighton and they treat up to age 48 according to the website.
Re work you will need time off for appointments, probably at short notice so I think you may have to tell them something unless you have a sympathetic GP who will sign you off while you are having treatment.
Good luck

user1467062757 Sun 03-Jul-16 09:25:00

Thank you so much, we will get in touch with them this week. Did you go for egg donation there, what was the waiting list like to start treatment?

user1467062757 Sun 03-Jul-16 09:27:01

Definitely happy to travel to London, thanks. We will have a look and contact them.

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