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Conception and Early Pregnancy Vitamins

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MrsRJCxx Wed 29-Jun-16 20:40:23

Hi smile
in September when my husband gets back from his work, we are going to start trying for our first baby. grin I am going to come off the pill at the beginning of July so it will be out of my system by the time he's home in 3 months time.
My mum has mentioned before that Folic Acid is a vital vitamin to take when trying and during the first trimester (we aren't telling anyone we are going to be trying, hence not asking her advice further)
So we have looked at vitamins tonight whilst doing the shopping and are confused as to which would be better...Folic Acid on its own, or there were a few types with added vits in, (vitamin d3, calcium, etc)
any advice/recommendations?

also on the subject of vits, is there anything my husband can/should take/do to 'boost his swimmers' as he said lol. wink

any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance! star

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