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Could a bfp be heading my way?

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MrsS82 Wed 29-Jun-16 16:36:30

So DS is 20 months old, DH and I have been talking about TTC #2 for a while and decided to start in the next few cycles. However after getting carried away exactly 2 weeks ago, I ovulated 2-3 days later judging by usual symptoms and discharge etc and I've been having very obvious symptoms. Had emergency C-Section with DS so everything is always a little sensitive at ovulation time but even more so this month, in fact almost straight away.

Mild cramping, pulling sensation in tummy, dull inconsistent twinge in right side of uterus, dizziness, bra is definitely tighter, headaches, tiredness, increased smell with certain things and today slightly queasy.

I've taken 2 hpt, those little cheaper ones but negative. However out of curiosity I took a Clear Blue Digital Ovulation today and got a flashing smiley face which means high fertility. Given my period is due in 4 days does this mean my ovulation was late despite normal symptoms or could it be picking up pregnancy hormone?

We where very lucky with DS, conceived on second cycle using ovulation stripes but I'm thinking there is no way we could be pregnant again so soon?

Obviously you don't have actual answer but wondering it ifs possible and everyone's experience?

MyKingdomForBrie Wed 29-Jun-16 16:39:16

Of course it's possible! Get a FRER if you can and try first thing tomorrow.

MrsS82 Wed 29-Jun-16 16:46:05

I should also say didn't get bfp with DS until day before period was due so thinking it might just be my levels. Although has anyone used opk as pregnancy tests in past, I know clear blue would say no but what other reason can there be for flashing smiley face 11 days po?

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