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Pcos and pregnancy tests

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Lorito72 Mon 27-Jun-16 08:58:00

Hi, first post...
I've PCOS but very thankfully conceived naturally and have a one year old boy.
We've started trying again and over the last few wks I've had loads of my early pregnancy symptoms (nausea, lightheadedness, metallic taste, vivid dreams...) although all a bit early given I think I would've ovulated/conceived about 10th June. Obviously given my PCOS I mightn't concieved at all and my cycle is 35-40 days or more so hard to track. However having had at least a fortnight of symptoms still all negative preg tests, even more sensitive ones and by my calculations(based on recent periods) I would be 17 days post ovulation though maybe more or less.
I don't understand where my symptoms are coming from if not preg as I've never had them any other time but also given half a dozen negative tests now don't think I'm preg!
I know the advice is to wait until period due which must be around now but still negative.
Also scientifically surely if implantation occurs at a set time, hcg levels would pick up around the same time, even if period cycle longer?
Any advice would be brilliant, thanks!

MollyAmelia2015 Mon 27-Jun-16 11:27:04

With PCSO you can ovulate well off! But don't stress I fount out only on the 23rd June that I'm 11 nearly 12 weeks!! Even through I've been testing for months! But with my daughter it showed positive at 5 weeks! So you could be pregnant and have a low HCG level like myself! Sending baby dust your way Hun! Xxxx

Lorito72 Mon 27-Jun-16 12:46:16

That's amazing, 11 weeks! You must've been thinking you were going crazy or maybe were lucky not to have too many symptoms...
I was super sick starting from 5 wks with my first but positive test at 4 wks, weirdly wouldn't even be 4 wks this time but feel a lot of symptoms earlier...hard to understand of hcg not detected but I know other hormones at play. Time will tell! Thanks a lot.

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