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Pregnant partner, suddenly very distant/off with me

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Gordon1981 Sun 26-Jun-16 21:42:55

Looking for info and help as this subject is really really breaking my heart and killing me inside, recently (2 weeks ago) my girlfriend found out she was pregnant, which came as a bit of a shock as it was unplanned but something we previously spoke about in the past. I.e having a kid of our own one day

Anyway prior to the shock of finding out she was pregnant, she was always a caring affectionate loving girl, sex life was amazing and we done everything together, she is the girl of my dreams and im absolutely crazy and madly in love with her (soppy i know lol)

A week after finding out dhe was pregnant she unexpectedly out of the blue said she cant do this anymore regarding us being together, i moved back to my mums, we are now back together but taking things slow (still loving back at my mums to give her some space!!!!!

We patched things up and have became boyfriend/girlfriend again, although since the pregnancy shock she has been very quiet with me, doesn't like me touching hugging or kissing her, whenever i try she moves away, not very chatty, tired constantly (which i understand as she is always feeling ill) now and again she tells me to go home as she wants to be on her own etc, doesnt tell me she loves me the way she did before hand, no hugs or kisses, its as though she has no affection at all anymore, she did admit this and say her hormones are "up the wall" just now and she has no affection just now due to hormonal problems just now

Can anyone help me or give me info if this is normal in the early stages of pregnancy? Will it pass? How long does it last,
Im trying my damndest to be nice and do everything for her even though it feels im walking on eggshells

I love her very very much and im trying my damndest to keep the relationship together as im madly in love with her and keep telling her i love her and she is amazing, best girl in the world etc, but im freaking out that she will finish with me if this keeps up,

She just says its her hormones just now, can anyone else put my mind at ease a bit if this is normal in early pregnancy as its really killing me inside

Ffion3107 Sun 26-Jun-16 21:50:49

Sounds normal to me, 2nd pregnancy, I was like this both times. Nothing my partner did was good enough for me, I felt so guilty for the way I felt. But it really is just her hormones. Don't tell her it's her hormones though! Just make sure you tell her you understand that she needs space and whatever else she says. Give her time, she will get through it, she's going through a lot right now.

Brooklynboy Sun 26-Jun-16 22:00:36

Cheers for the reply, im just freaking out a bit over things as im absolutely terrified she breaks up with me and i become a part time daddy, all i want is for things to go back to how they were and to have a healthy loving affectionate relationship again, ive been in absolute bits over it all and suffered tension headaches constant over the last week, i love her to bits but im scared things will take a turn for the worst, which i dont think i could handle

Jodie1982 Mon 27-Jun-16 15:54:12

Totally normal. My partner doesn't mind me being distant at the mo as I'm no longer nagging him for playing on ps4 😂
It's the darn hormones. I don't even like my partners smell or anything which I loved before. Pregnancy does some strange things to our mind and body.

BertieBeats Mon 27-Jun-16 15:58:01

I'm pregnant with my third and all 3 times the first trimester has been a nightmare for my partner. I just develop this aversion to him and feel really claustrophobic. At the time it's hard to know whether it's hormones, I genuinely believed I didn't love partner and it wasn't until 3rd trimester that my hormones settled and I became more loving.

BertieBeats Mon 27-Jun-16 15:59:43

Ah yes, and as someone mentioned the smell was a big one for me. My partner's hygiene is on top form and he showers regularly but I couldn't stand his body scent ,it was almost overpowering. The same for his body heat ,he's so hot and so am I so the last thing I want is cuddles !

Jodie1982 Mon 27-Jun-16 19:25:32

Bertie I can't stand his body heat at night either. He tries cuddling up to me but I can't take it. He knows it's not personal and won't last lol

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