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tunbridge92 Sun 26-Jun-16 18:26:55

Hi guys. So i am 4 days late for af. I have done 4 tests other day all showed faint positives and were darker than the day before. They were 25miu tests pink dye. So i waited 2 days to make sure and i did 2 tests from tesco. These were blue dye and nothing not even an evap.... and a digital..... negative all with FMU. So do you think they were evaps before? I feel pregnant. I have 2 ds so j know what it feels like. My boobs have got bigger. I am breastfeeding ds2 still so they are normally like empty balloons but they are very full and round. Nipples hurt. I have mild cramps. Moody and tired and nauseus. Af due about 4 days ago. I have never been late unless i am pg. So confused and upset. Af doesnt feel like its coming. I have ewcm too...... so confused. Help any one!

tunbridge92 Sun 26-Jun-16 18:55:21


MissClarke86 Sun 26-Jun-16 20:04:36

Unfortunately Hun I wonder if you've had a chemical pregnancy sad From experience, the Digital tests are very sensitive. It happened to me earlier this month - digi went from pregnant to not pregnant within a few days.

I hope I'm wrong though!

tunbridge92 Sun 26-Jun-16 22:51:00

Ok thank you. Does that mean i should preper myself for bleeding? If so when did yours start? Is a chemical an early miscarriage?

jpclarke Sun 26-Jun-16 23:36:45

Hi tubbridge,

I too am still breastfeeding my ds, and I had a chemical in April. Period started 4-5 days late and I had got faint positives too and felt pregnant, but as soon as my period started my symptoms disappeared. Have you been testing with fmu? Wait a few days and test again if nothing shows up.

If it's any consolation, I just found out I am pregnant again so I am cautiously taking everyday as it comes but I feel better about this pregnancy, my gut told me the last time that something wasn't right.

Try to relax and hopefully all will be ok for

tunbridge92 Mon 27-Jun-16 02:13:54

Thank you guys i think you might be right. Just feels different to my last 2 pregmancies with my sons.

Comgratulations and good luck with your new little one xxx

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