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Raised FSH levels, enough to worry?

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SakuraM Fri 24-Jun-16 12:48:37


I've had a blood test last month to check my hormones (2nd or 3rd day of cycle) for irregular periods and cramps. The results are all normal except for the FSH levels which were higher than the norm at 18.8 iu/L. I tried to discuss this result with a GP at a walk-in yesterday but he was dismissive about my worries regarding infertility/ early menopause, asking me instead not to worry and just wait until I've had a scan (planned -before the results came in- for next month). I am 34 years old and have a toddler.
I am really worried about this... On the one hand the info on the net says that it's not good; on the other the DR seemed to think that the levels are only "slightly raised" and that everything seemed fine as the levels fluctuate and that to worry would only add to the problem as stress is not good for hormones.
I am confused and panicking... Does this mean I won't be able to have other children? or that I will be having my menopause soon (no family history at all). Or is it possible that it may be a lab error?
I'd be grateful if anyone here from the medical field or someone who's had the same experience as me, could help me with their input.


simplydivine05 Sat 25-Jun-16 07:47:29

What is your level? Under 10 is what they ideal. Mine is 10.9 and they are retesting to confirm. It just means your egg supply is dwindling and the higher the fsh the less eggs you have.

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