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Anyone else currently 9dpo?

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summerskittles91 Fri 24-Jun-16 10:06:18

Morning.. Just wondering if anyone else is in the 2ww at 9dpo?
I find myself going crazy and symptom spotting, despite telling myself i should just wait. I have no patience.

I'm tempted to to take HTP tomorrow but don't want to stress myself out.

Anyone else at 9DPO and awaiting AF next week?

Princessnthepea86 Fri 24-Jun-16 10:27:18

I'm 10dpo today and pretty sure I got faintest bfp ever!!!! I tested yesterday at 9dpo and wasn't sure if I saw something (line eyes) and tested again today and a faint line came up, it's pink and was there within 2 mins!!!! Test!!!

summerskittles91 Fri 24-Jun-16 10:35:59

Congratulations Princessnthepea86! Thats fantastic news :D Keep us posted! I ordered some first response tests and they should arrive today. I also have two tesco tests but not sure how sensitive they are!

I said I wouldn't test till AF but tempted to test tomorrow/Sunday.

Princessnthepea86 Fri 24-Jun-16 10:56:52

I ordered my first response Wednesday and it was due to come yesterday and waited for the post ALL day until it finally came at 7pm!! I literally held my pee all morning and then again until 7pm. Haha. I didn't expect to see anything at all because my plan was not to test until Saturday but I just couldn't help myself. I'm terrible when I have a test in the house! Totally obsessed. My AF isn't due until Monday so I'm trying to stay grounded and I'm going to take a few more tests over the next few morning to make sure it's getting darker.
First response is the earliest... I don't think you can test with a track until the day your AF is due!
Keep me posted! Have everything crossed for you xxx

summerskittles91 Fri 24-Jun-16 11:11:17

AF isn't due till next Wednesday, so i really should wait as long as i can.. I've been using Ovia, but had a early mc 2 months ago so since then i haven't really been logging much data besides intercourse. It says I should test in 5 days time.

I hope the lines get darker for you :D
I'm like that too - if i have a test at home i just got for it, should really think twice as I'm pretty much peeing on £5 every time sad

I was thinking about getting some cheap tests from amazon but went for first response instead as they seem the most reliable! x

Princessnthepea86 Fri 24-Jun-16 12:09:01

I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I have had a early miscarriage in 2007 and a stillborn in 2013. It's very scary the next time around. Do you have anymore kids?

Yes I ordered from Amazon to! They do seem to be the most reliable and the most sensitive! It's crazy how expensive it can get! Did you use ovulation tests to track then? When do you think you ovulated? I got a positive opk on 13th so I either ovulated on the 14 or 15th. Xx

NovaArt3mis Fri 24-Jun-16 12:22:04

I'm 8dpo I think and waiting to do a cheapie on Wednesday.

I've not been symptom spotting because there has been nothing to spot. Had a sore stomach and headache yesterday but that isn't uncommon for me.

summerskittles91 Fri 24-Jun-16 13:09:23

Princessnthepea86 - It was my first month TTC when i had miscarriage. I don't have any other children smile

I didn't use OPK's purely because first time round i was becoming an obsessive and wanted to (try) and be more relaxed this time - i went by Ovia instead and just made sure we tried every few days throughout the fertile period. I think 15th for me! my period is usually 28/29 days.

When is AF due? I tried not to symptom spot but then ended up analysing every single twinge anywhere in my body - i know it doesn't help but i couldn't help myself sad

Busta Fri 24-Jun-16 14:23:56


I'm 9 DPO today!

I've had no real symptoms. Bit of a tender tum to touch (no reason why as not been unwell) then followed by a very dull not ache over my right hip area hmm

I'm testing on Sunday smile

summerskittles91 Fri 24-Jun-16 14:36:57

Hi Busta!

I envy you for having the patience to wait till Sunday :D
I've also had cramps/aches on right side!! Weird. Not sure If I'm reading too much into it! When is your AF due?

I think I'm going to try FRER tomorrow am.. 10dpo is early but i just want to know sad

Busta Fri 24-Jun-16 17:43:49

Hi summers!

AF due Wednesday too!

I'm only holding out because they say implantation may not have even happened yet until then - perhaps not even the either!

Good luck for tomorrow smile

Princessnthepea86 Fri 24-Jun-16 18:06:06

Good luck everyone! Wishing you all nice BFP's!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my first response test will be stronger tomorrow morning 😬

I can understand not taking ovulation tests! They drive you crazy sometimes. Then you also have the people that tell you to test 3x a day!!!! shock I said I wasn't going to take any this month but when I felt sharp pains in my right side I took a ovulation test and it was SUPER positive so it was by chance really.

All day today I have got really horrible sharp pains on my right side of my uterus area... It's really painful and I also have horrible backache 😣

Cupcakemumma123 Fri 24-Jun-16 19:20:07

I'm 9dpo smile AF due Friday 1st but been POAS since weds so days days before AF due blushconfused just can't help myself! Testing daily now. No bfps but wouldn't expect 1 this early anyway!! Luckily I have the Amazon cheapie a else I'd be bankrupt by now! Crazy eh? Been more tired then usual and boobs v sore last 4 days. That's all though.
Good luck all. smile xx

puttheteaon Fri 24-Jun-16 20:51:56

Hey! Me too, I've kind of lost track, was going to wait until next Friday to test... but gave in to temptation earlier only to get a BFN sad hoping another week will make a difference! Xxx

summerskittles91 Mon 27-Jun-16 08:19:51

Hope everyone had a good weekend..
How is everyone feeling?

I tested saturday and yesterday with first response and both BFN sad AF due wednesday and I didn't test this am.. I have 2 clearblue digital tests at home and ordered some more first response, so guess I can test again tomorrow. I hate waiting sad

Princessnthepea86 Mon 27-Jun-16 09:31:39

summerskittles91- it's still early if your not due on until Wednesday! Good luck!!
I started bleeding Friday night after having pains all day! It lasted for about 24 hours and then it went again... Bright red dark blood. I took my last test the next day and it looked slightly darker but then I ran out of tests and it was a Sunday. Just been to the shop this morning to buy a clear blue digital and another frer and hoping baby is still there and it's not a negative. It's been such a roller coaster. I have cried all weekend. I need to get a grip lol xx

summerskittles91 Mon 27-Jun-16 09:56:17

Princessnthepea86 - oh no sad I guess if the bleeding was only a day then it could mean anything, i know many people get bleeding and everything is okay - but I know the uncertainty make it so hard to take!

Been there with the emotions too, it is hard to stay positive. Let us know how you get on? are you going to test today or wait till tomorrow? I think I'm going to test with FRER tomorrow am, and then depending on that do the digital on wednesday.

Worst thing is, I don't feel pregnant, but then i guess i wouldn't really know how that feels anyway. I am however exhausted this morning, struggling to stay awake at work - and I did nothing all weekend. who knows whats going on.

Princessnthepea86 Mon 27-Jun-16 11:04:06

I held my pee all night and tested as soon as I got in and it good news. Looks like despite the pain and bleeding baby seems to still be there and the lines are much darker and enough to pick up a digital! Yay. So happy and I can finally relax! I am officially 13dpo today!

I wouldn't go by how you feel. I don't feel pregnant at all. I have less symptoms this month then any of the months I thought I was pregnant!

I really hope it's a BFP for you!! I have everything crossed! Please keep us updated grin xx

summerskittles91 Mon 27-Jun-16 11:15:04

eeeeeeeeeek! Princessnthepea86 congratulations :D ah so exciting :D
I hope i get my BFP soon too smile

Keep us posted on how you go! look after yourself and baby now smile

Princessnthepea86 Mon 27-Jun-16 11:46:52

Thank you!! I'm cautiously excited and thrilled. Made a doctors appointment for Wednesday afternoon and I will tell them what happened (although really there is nothing they will or can do realistically).

I'm keeping an eye out for your updates! Sending lots of baby dust your way and hoping for a BFP for you tomorrow morning winksmile

summerskittles91 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:03:55

Hope all goes well at the doctors smile

I just started getting AF type cramps :/ 12dpo.. so not sure whats happening, my period is never early. When i wiped there was a faint pink smear on tissue but nothing since. (sorry TMI!) is it too late for implantation? or should i just admit defeat and think AF is on the way D:

Princessnthepea86 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:17:31

Nope it's def not too late for inplantation! It can happen between 6-12dpo. It's pretty much the latest I can happen but that's why they say ideally to not test until 14dpo because it can take 2 days after the inplantation to build up enough hormones. With my son I didn't test positive until 14 dpo and I tested everyday. He was a late implanter! AF type cramps are good also... I have had them since 9dpo! Fx!!!! Xx

summerskittles91 Mon 27-Jun-16 15:20:07

red blood coming out now sad i think i need to admit defeat as it looks like AF.

Princessnthepea86 Mon 27-Jun-16 17:29:20

Oh no!! I'm sorry summerskittles sad xx

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