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TTC while living with autoimmune disease

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VeraVioletVinn Thu 23-Jun-16 16:40:11

Wondered if there is anybody else on here who is trying to conceive and who has an autoimmune disease? I could do with a bit of support at the moment!

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about three years ago, when DS1 was almost 3yrs. Symptoms were crippling and it was a difficult time but drugs eventually (after about 18 months) finally got me back to something approaching normality. I found that taking injectable methotrexate (20mg/pw) and hydroxychloroquine worked for me with few side effects.

Fast forward to the end of last year and DH and I agreed that we would regret it is we did not try for another child. I am 38 (nearly 39) so it is now or never really. So came off methotrexate, waited 6 months for it to clear from my system and then started ttc.

I am finding it quite difficult as my RA symptoms have returned (although not to the extent they were without any meds - I am still taking hyroxy and sulfasalazine) and I am painfully (excuse the pun!) aware that my age is working against me so might not get a BFP very quickly.

Is anybody else in a similar position, or has anybody gone through this in the past? Feeling quite down and could do with some positive stories or just a bit of mutual support!

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