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Trying to get pregnant after miscarriage

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user1466632763 Wed 22-Jun-16 23:12:35

Hi all,

I'm a newbie so excuse me not knowing all of the terminology or for posting this in the wrong place..

I would love some advice if at all possible.

I sadly had my first miscarriage of my first pregnancy at the end of March, I was 8.5 weeks pregnant. I experienced a small amount of bleeding so we decided to have a private scan.

We were expecting the worst but we were reassured that there was a heartbeat, baby was sitting in the correct position there was no reason to explain the bleed.
I remember looking up and being so thankful and confused as a midwife had told me to prepare for the worst.

A few days later the bleeding started again and I lost the baby at home, I was really bloated and felt so pregnant and in love with this life growing inside of me.

My periods returned into my normal cycle, a lot heavier than ever before with cramps, serious bloating.

I've now had 3 periods since the miscarriage and have just finished ovulating 3 days ago and since then I've had spotting after wiping in the morning ...

But tonight had more of this.

Has anyone else experienced this?? Is it too early to be implantation bleeding?
I've read so many mixed things.

I've also had blood test results back to say my iron is low, so I'm now taking high dose of iron, I've been taking my folic acid for 4 weeks now.

I would love to hear anyone else's experiences and any help on getting pregnant again.

Thank you! X

AppleMagic Wed 22-Jun-16 23:19:04

At 3dpo it's a bit early for implNtation bleeding I think. Maybe ovulation bleeding working its way out.
I think maybe though it's just your hormones/cycles are still regulating after the miscarriage. I seem to remember the same happening to me and it stopped after a few cycles. I think they say to visit the dr for any unusual mid cycle bleeding though, so maybe just get checked over.

flowers my cycles took a while to return to normal after miscarriage (whereas some people seem to recover quicker). First month they were back to normal I conceived straight away and hope the same for you.

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