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out of the game this month?

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wishfulthink Wed 22-Jun-16 17:54:11

Cd1 was the 26th may so it's CD 27 today. Cycles are anything from 28, 31, 35 and 42 (PCOS)

I thought I was ovulating on the 12th but had some twinges on the 16th too...

Passing time and driving myself slightly insane wanting to know if the game is over for this cycle grin

Gardencentregroupie Wed 22-Jun-16 18:17:18

You're only on 10dpo at the latest, possibly 6dpo, far too early to test or to give up smile

wishfulthink Wed 22-Jun-16 18:44:34

Thanks I hoped so

Weddingbelle13 Wed 22-Jun-16 20:06:25

I think I see something X

gogglesprog Wed 22-Jun-16 20:28:06

I can't see anything yet

wishfulthink Thu 23-Jun-16 11:43:14

I can't see anything but feeling achey like my period might come today

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