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user1466588577 Wed 22-Jun-16 11:40:33

Right so to give people a little backround I had the implant for 2 year I didn't like it so I got it took out and started taking the pill like the day after. After 2 weeks of taking the pill I stopped as me and my fiance decided to start trying for baby no 2. About a week or 2 after stopping the pill I went to the toilet and when I wiped (tmi alert I'm so sorry) there was a pinky discharge on the paper. I originally thought this was my period starting but I've been off the pill for around 4 weeks now and no period. I've heard about implantation bleeding but surly I can't be pregnant so soon? I haven't even had a period. it also occurred to me it could have been a withdrawal bleed but I was only on the pill 2 weeks so would I still get one? I'm really confused atm and I'm very vague on my date ect as me and OHdecided to just go with the flow and if it happens it happens no calculating dates and stuff. But Ive had cramping for over a week now yet no period. Also for 3 days I've had the runs (so sorry) I dunno if it's all linked in? Any advice and opinions welcome as I'm very confused. I have taken pregnancy tests but they've came back negative. Am I taking them too early?

physicskate Wed 22-Jun-16 17:52:07

Even two weeks of the pill can mess your cycle up. You were on the implant, which also has hormones, so your cycle could be messed up from that? Did you get AF on the implant (some people don't).

You might be taking tests too early, but if you've been off the pill for 4 weeks, was the small bleed three weeks ago? It would be unlikely to be getting a false negative this late in the game - but that doesn't mean you have already ovulated this 'cycle' either!

user1466588577 Wed 22-Jun-16 18:17:56

Yeah I would still get AF on the implant. It was quite regular. I'm just very confused as I've had no period since coming off the pill. The small bleed was around 3 weeks ago yeah. I'm just desperate for my body to get back to normal I suppose so I can start ovulating.

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