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AyaKoa Wed 22-Jun-16 10:57:23

Hello! smile

I am new on this forum and seeking some guidance whilst I freak out slightly for the next 20h or so! :P

I have a 4 1/2 years old son from a previous marriage, and was lucky enough to become pregnant on the very first month of trying.

My current partner however, has non-obstructive azoospermia as a result of having chmotherapy and radiotherapy for a very aggressive renal cancer when he was a young child (2 to 5 years old). We are both 30, and though the treatment has saved his life and he has now been in remission for so long that he has the same chance as anyone else to suffer from cancer again, it has left him really quite devastated that he cannot be a dad. We were refused IVF treatment (TESE procedure may have been helpful for him) on the basis that I already have a child, even though it is not his.

After some deliberation we have agreed to try a more ‘alternative’ approach haha! He comes from a large, very tight-knit family (5 children) and his younger brother, who lives in the USA and has 3 healthy children of his own, offered to be our sperm donor. This was an idea we were both comfortable with, after some discussion, as it is the closest thing we would get to his ‘own’ and he much preferred this to an unknown sperm donor sourced through a clinic. He has just been over to the UK for a family funeral, and seeing as he and my partner had not seen each other for nearly 10 years and he happened to be visiting right in the middle of my cycle, we thought we would give it a go… So we went about it the ‘old fashioned way’ with a pharmacy-bought home AI kit. I used a Clearview Ovulation monitor; the first 3 days showed an empty circle. Then the 4th day showed a flashing smiley face, which is supposed to mean your LH is starting to rise – we did one insemination late that night, and another one early the next morning (test showed a flashing smiley face again). The next day showed a non-flashing smiley face (which is supposed to mean you are ovulating) but he then had to go and visit other relatives so we did not get to try any further AIs.

The first AI attempt was on the 13th of June, so 10 days ago now. I have felt a bit funny over the weekend (slight cramping/nausea, back more sore than usual) but it can so easily be in your head – or simply due to paying more attention to your body than usual. I did do another ovulation test on the Sunday morning (19th) which showed a regular empty circle (i.e. no LH).

But I did another one this morning… I have read how ovulation tests can sometimes detect pregnancy, and I had promised myself not to buy a pregnancy test until my period is actually late… I’m fairly regular but my cycles do vary slightly between 28 and 31 days. But the ovulation tests, however, are just hanging around in there! So, this morning the test showed a nice clear non-flashing smiley face… What could it MEAN? Has anyone had that happen to them before and turned out to be pregnant? I went out and bought a ‘First Response’ test but now I have to wait all day/night for tomorrow’s morning wee ugh!

Trying not to get too excited as the likelihood of getting pregnant on the first try TWICE just sounds too good to be true…!

Wibblewobble100 Wed 22-Jun-16 13:12:27

No Idea what it means, but good luck!

Writerwannabe83 Wed 22-Jun-16 13:17:21

Hold your wee, don't drink for 4-6 hours and then do the FRER this evening grin

I don't think pregnancy tests have to be used with morning wee, it's just advised but with early response tests I doubt it matters too much!!

Good luck!!!

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