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Chemical or false positive, little bit confused

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setayharas Tue 21-Jun-16 16:20:56

Hi, I'm just wondering really if anyway could shed any light on what my body maybe playing at right now.
We have been ttc on and off for years, never had anything close to a positive. However, I was due af on Sunday, 2 days before hand I started brown spotting (bit unusual for me) this carried on slightly all day Sunday, I had none of the usual cramps I normally get, I was having heartburn and as normal my boobs were killing. I caved on the waiting and took a test late Sunday afternoon, which I got a faint positive, I did have dh check I wasn't imagining it because I actually accepted that there was a line. 2 hours later af arrived, nice and heavy and bright red, no clots though.
I figured perhaps I'd had a chemical pregnancy and did my crying and moved on. 2 days later and my boobs haven't calmed down as they usually would, in fact they have got veiner and more swollen if anything and I'm still experiencing heartburn. But another test today told me I defiantly am not pregnant. Could I have imaged all these symptoms and I I fact had a false positive? Or could it have been a chemical and I'm still experience left over boob pain from that?
So confused, any thoughts would be appreciated greatly.

Desmondo2016 Tue 21-Jun-16 16:42:02

At the end of the day a line is a line so at some point you had HCG in your system. That in itself may be reassuring after years of TTCing. It does sound unfortunately like it was an early loss... symptoms are a dangerous thing to spot, they can play tricks on us. I would suggest ordering some cheapy tests , doing a couple more to be certain they are (sadly) BFNs then jumping back on the ttc train and giving it all you've got this month in the renewed knowledge you CAN conceive. And there's always the bizarre chance the second rest was a false neg... stranger things have happened. Keep us updated xx

setayharas Tue 21-Jun-16 17:06:24

Thanks for the reply, strangely yes, it's been very reassuring that we did manage to conceive even just for a few hours, iv since so quite a few things about how frer's are giving false positives and that ruined the one positive I was taking out of this month. Annoyingly I had a couple of Evaps the last few months on cheapies so I chucked them and treated myself to a first response.
Hubby has banned me from going anywhere near another test unless I ever manage to be 2 weeks late (not sure who he thinks he kiddin, as if I could ever wait that long)
But thanks for your reply, onwards and upwards to next month xx

Desmondo2016 Tue 21-Jun-16 17:54:34

I have peed on four million sticks in my lifetime and have never had an evap. I honestly think more often than not people say it's an evap when it was more likely chem/early loss x

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