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is this a pos opk- pic attached

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Weddingbelle13 Tue 21-Jun-16 11:39:26

Hi all just that really I'm on cd19 of a 33 day cycle and got this - would you say it's positive ?

ThePartyArtist Tue 21-Jun-16 11:53:07

I will be watching this thread with interest, as I too have had a line that dark and presumed it to be ovulation even though technically it wasn't as dark or darker than the control line. For me, that was as dark as it got - at other points in my cycle it was non-existent, then it showed really lightly then steadily darker to the extent of your photo. Then it went back down after a day or so. I am assuming it meant ovulation but as I say, I will be watching with interest to see what others think.

finova Tue 21-Jun-16 13:06:18

Here are mine for comparison, 2 yesterday and 2 today. I think all are mine are positive. Do dry slightly lighter I think.
So I would guess that yes, yours is positive.

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