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Ttc #11 after 40

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AndrewsGirl86 Mon 20-Jun-16 23:11:05

Hello ladies smile
I'm 43, recently divorced and remarried. I have 10 children but none with my new husband. We are ttc.
Had a loss last june, so here we are a year later and nothing.
My cycles are still regular, some I spot midcycle, most are 26 days.
We've been using preseed for 2 months. Here's everything else:
Pineapple core ovulation thru 5 dpo.
B6 50 mg 2x day
Folic acid, 400mcg, 10x day
Fish oil 1000mg 1x day
B complex 1x day
Vitamin E, 1000 IU 1x day
Vitamin C, 1000 mg 1x day
Iron, 45 mg 1x day
Calcium /magnesium /Zinc with D3, 4x day

And just started Royal Jelly.

This last cycle, all pregnancy symptoms, tired, sore breasts, heartburn, flatulence, but then, cd28 bled one day.
Nothing since, but for some brown spotting today.
All bfn.

I bought soy isoflavones, but I'm concerned if I am pregnant that they will mess up my hormones, bc they're for the first half of my cycle.

Please help if you can, my biological clock is ticking, and I want to either know I can't conceive or get pregnant already.

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