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How long will the morning after pill affect my cycle?

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Lucinda15 Sun 19-Jun-16 16:28:59

I had 3 mc's over the last year and on a forced break from TTC while we recover emotionally and have investigations. All tests done, but now waiting for consultations. Going on holiday in a couple of weeks to relax and get away from all the anxiety and heartache over the last year. I have also just accepted a new job, due to start in a month.

Last night, after a BBQ and a few drinks we dtd without protection. I was cd11. I am mortified that I've been so careless and put myself in this position. I have been in tears this morning and am not ready at all to be going through the prospect of pregnancy again. So I am considering taking the morning after pill.

But I am concerned it will mess up my cycle and make TTC in 2-3 months (as planned) more difficult. Does anyone know? Or has anyone fallen pregnant soon after taking the map?

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