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Positive opk cd 5!!

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loztredders Sun 19-Jun-16 10:02:48

Ok so last month I had what I believe to be a chemical.
I had a positive test on around 10dpo and then negatives from then on. My period didn't arrive for weeks despite negative tests so I took norethisterone to induce my bleed. And started my period last wed so counted that as CD1.
We are now on day 5 and for some reason I thou thought I'd take an opk as I've heard of cycles being messed after a chemical so didn't wanna miss O.

Well much to my suprised the OPK is an absolute raging positive! Probably the most positive result I've ever had. Surely I can't actually be ovulating this early. I'm going to DTD later anyway but it seems crazy. I don't usually ovulate until day 15 ish.

loztredders Sun 19-Jun-16 10:06:22

Forgot to say.

Took this at 10am too after peeing 2 hours before so can't believe there is that much LH in my system for it to be so strong!

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