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stomach cramps

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eptp Sat 18-Jun-16 14:44:07

What do stomach cramps feel like? I never really suffered period pain or any pain when I was pregnant with my first

But my last period was 10th April (long time) but it's not unusual for me to miss periods me & my partner are trying for a baby

Well last Friday 10th June I went to toilets and as I wiped there was brown stuff with a little tiny bit of blood I obviously thought oh that's my period (charmin) lol as the days went on I had absolutely nothing in my pad but sometimes when I went to the toilet it would appear I had brown discharge on the tissue sometimes it had a little bit of blood by not everytime and I didn't have brown discharge everytime I wiped either well this went on till Tuesday Iv never ever had anything like this before I either have a full on period or I miss it so what was this? Does anybody no

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