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anybody no what this is

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cheekymonkey123 Fri 17-Jun-16 12:43:16

Hi all hope somebody can help me and give me some advice

I haven't had a period since April 10th

I thought last Friday 10th tea time I came on my period as I wiped after having a wee there was brown discharge with a tiny bit of blood so I put a pad on n went on as normal only by night time there was absolutely nothing there so I put another pad on n went to bed woke up with still nothing

On Saturday the odd occasion I'd have a little brown when I wiped sometimes a little tiny bit of blood still nothing in pad so anyway this went on till Tuesday but only shows up once on Tuesday as I wiped then that was it nothing .... Iv never ever had a period were nothing is in my pad n just been mainly brown stuff I took a test on Monday and was negative IF this was an implantation bleed could i of tested to early should I of waited till it's finished maybe test again? Or does this just sound like a very very very light strange period lol xx

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