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Anyone testing today? 11dpo

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Ttc2418m Fri 17-Jun-16 08:41:32

I'm buying a test soon? Eager beaver lol, anyone testing today?

choccybiscuit Fri 17-Jun-16 11:49:52

Can't bear the thought of seeing a bfn! So I'll hold off for the moment. I'm 11 dpo. Do you have any symptoms? I have pink spotting since 8 dpo just a little pink cm. I have an absence of sore boobs and headache which I ALWAYS get Before AF, so that's a good sign for now smile
Let us know how you get on

AGnu Fri 17-Jun-16 11:54:25

I'm 7dpo & tested this morning. I'm having a squintathon - this would be DC3 & both previous times I've tested about 12dpo & got instant strong positives, I want to hopefully watch barely visible lines appear get darker over a few days.

choccybiscuit Fri 17-Jun-16 13:08:29

Sounds promising! Fingers crossed for you x

Ttc2418m Fri 17-Jun-16 13:31:38

I had cramps on my right side on 7 & 8do, kind of turned into period pain last night which I don't usually get before my AF, boobs not too sore but if i press them they are tender, testing now ladies, fingers crossed x

lovelilies Fri 17-Jun-16 13:33:37

Not testing (actually due date today!) but live line spotting.. Pics please grin

lovelilies Fri 17-Jun-16 13:33:55

*love blush

Ttc2418m Fri 17-Jun-16 13:34:19

Ok ladies this is my test, looks like a bfn sad

AGnu Fri 17-Jun-16 13:49:59

Sorry, Ttc! Test again in a day or 2 & post photos for us all to squint at! wink

I'll start a squint-a-long thread in a couple of days. I'll run out of tests if I do one every day until AF is due so I'll limit myself to every other day for now & start doing them every day when AF time gets a bit closer. Today's was most definitely a BFN so there's not much to see.

Ttc2418m Fri 17-Jun-16 13:54:49

Thanks AGnu I'm due on my AF on Sunday so I only have tmrw to go! It does look like my test has a evap line in person. Hate it when that happens! angry

LemonLimeTonic Fri 17-Jun-16 14:04:05

Me me me!!! AF was due today and no sign. Popping off to Boots after work to pick up a test. DH is out with friends tonight. I told him to be home for 8pm to watch Gogglesprogs with me. If it's a BFP, I'm going to show him in the first adverts and ask him if thinks our kid should audition?

..... And if it's a BFN, open a bottle of whisky and order in sushi!

Ttc2418m Fri 17-Jun-16 14:16:44

Hey lemon! Let us know how you get on! Hope you get a BFP!
I still have a couple of days. Fingers crossed smile

AGnu Fri 17-Jun-16 14:18:22

If it's a BFP, don't show him the test Lemon, just start talking about auditioning your DC as if he already knows & see how long you can waffle about needing to pick a name so you can fill in the application forms before he catches on! grin We're going to need test pics...

LemonLimeTonic Fri 17-Jun-16 14:20:48

That's a great idea!! Really hoping it's a BFP. This is our first cycle so I'm trying not to get my hopes up!! I guess I'll know soon enough though.

Fingers crossed for everyone who's still in the waiting game. Xx

AGnu Fri 17-Jun-16 14:38:49

Happened for us on the first cycle both times with our DC! Both times I was convinced it would take months. This time I feel like I've been lulled into a false sense of security & am expecting it to happen straight away... it'll be this time it takes ages!

What time do you get off work? Can't you just pop out for a quick break now? Tell everyone you've taken up smoking or something?! <Impatient>

choccybiscuit Fri 17-Jun-16 14:47:20

Looking forward to your update lemon!

Cosmicbird Fri 17-Jun-16 15:14:04

I'm only 7po I think so a while away from testing yet, I'll live through you all until the tests I bought online arrive!! Best of luck!!

LemonLimeTonic Fri 17-Jun-16 20:01:34

And it's a BFN!! Had some minor spotting today. Reckon AF will show her face tomorrow. :-( Never mind. Only our first cycle so I'm not too upset. smile

choccybiscuit Fri 17-Jun-16 20:05:11

Sorry to hear that lemon, cake** and winealways make me feel better X

LemonLimeTonic Fri 17-Jun-16 20:16:07

Opened a bottle of Prosecco. Guiltless drinking... Woohoo!

Cosmicbird Fri 17-Jun-16 20:20:52

Enjoy the prosecco lemon, that's the only response to a bfn!

LemonLimeTonic Fri 17-Jun-16 20:46:25

Thanks cosmic. We'll get there. We only DTD once during the right time and are very relaxed about it all. We're in a good place and just seeing where the next year takes us. We want a baby but we're cool if it takes us a few months to get their. DH has joined in on the Prosecco. In his word, "May as well drink before the period drama!" Lol

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