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POAS / BFP when will you tell your OH?

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Jjspoon Thu 16-Jun-16 23:07:16

So I'm on cycle #1 and havnt POAS yet but just wondering... those of you who are ttc and regularly test do you do it when your OH is with you so you can see the result together? Or do you do it alone? If so, if you got a BFP would you tell them straight away (like on the phone if they were not there) or wait to do asap in person or wait for any reason? Will you just tell them straight or do any special announcement?

Just wondering how I will tell him when I do get the BFP smile. Maybe I should ask if he wants to be there when I test?

NovaArt3mis Thu 16-Jun-16 23:26:48

All hypothetical as I'm also on cycle 1 but I'm pretty sure I'll poas alone (I'm up at 4am for work so any fmu peeing will be very early).

And I'd tell him in person when he got home only if I've got a decent line. Pretty sure he wouldn't humour a squinter grin

Willberry Fri 17-Jun-16 00:41:50

I poas alone and don't tell DH about all the BFNs as he thinks I'm obsessed already lol! Just tell him about the ones where I've been late first. When I do get a BFP I'll tell him as soon as hes awake as my fmu is early too.

CharminglyGawky Fri 17-Jun-16 01:17:39

I did all my peeing on sticks alone. But I did soooooo many tests he would probably have stopped TTC in an attempt to save my sanity.

When I (finally) got a BFP I told him pretty much straight away and he was happy, agreed that he could see a line but that he was going to wait until a 'proper' test said positive before he would believe it as apparently an amazon cheapie couldn't be trusted hmm

Next day a clear blue and a clear blue digital came up with a cross and a 'pregnant 1-2' and even he couldn't deny that! I did those tests on my own as well although he knew I had them.

haveacupoftea Fri 17-Jun-16 16:06:46

I was hoping to give him a father's day card from the bump! Doesn't look likely at this stage though sad

Ellie06 Fri 17-Jun-16 16:31:59

I woke my other half up to tell him, had done a really early test in the morning and didn't expect to see anything. Was too excited to wait so I just told him without thinking about how or when etc

2nds Fri 17-Jun-16 16:36:37

First bfp I got at a clinic, second one I got was at home, he wasn't for both of those tests.

First time I called him, second time he turned up about half an hour after I got the bfp and I told him then.

2nds Fri 17-Jun-16 16:39:06

Meant he wasn't there for both of the tests.

pinkladyapple Fri 17-Jun-16 16:43:13

I was TTC for 2 years. I used to do a test every month, sometimes more than one, and got used to them being negative so I got my BFP when I was home alone. And OH was not expected home for another 5 hours! shock

So I would recommend doing it while they're in the house at least. I really wanted to tell him face-to-face and having to wait for him to come home was torture. grin

I would also recommend waiting until you are definitely late. After a while, it really didn't do my mental health any good.

Jjspoon Fri 17-Jun-16 20:58:22

Thanks ladies! I asked OH earlier if he wants to be there when I POAS and he said no so I will just tell him when I definitely get the BFP! Still not sure yet how I'll tell him... I'll probably be so excited it will just blurt out as soon as I see him haha.

Haveacupoftea that would have been so cute! Fx for your BFP soon and also to nova and willberry!

neonrainbow Fri 17-Jun-16 21:42:55

Im going test on fathers day morning and will tell him straight away either way. Its a little too early really but ive got a first response as if its positive it would be lovely to find out on fathers day. Ill be about 10dpo so not ridiculously early. Cycle 2 for me but pretty sure we totally missed ovulation last month because i wasnt sure about starting.

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