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annalisemary94 Thu 16-Jun-16 14:41:54

hello.. I'm new to all this, basically I come off the pill 16th of May and two weeks later when ovulating me and my long term partner decided to have unprotected sex as we are ready for another child, I was due on Monday (13th June) and still haven't come on, I'm having cramps as if I'm coming on but nothing only white discharge. I've took two tests over the past couple of days and negative. Is it to soon to test? Thankyou Xx grin

Willberry Fri 17-Jun-16 01:42:54


It's not too soon to test, but for some people tests don't show up for a while. On the other hand it could just be your af is delayed. Its a case of waiting it out I'm affraid, I know its really hard.

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