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Coming off the pill

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sarahhh1984 Wed 15-Jun-16 13:01:53

Hi all,

I've been on the pill (Femodene) for about 14 years and my husband and I are now talking about me coming off it so we can ttc our first child. He wants to put it off until after a holiday we're going on next month (I think he's thinking so I can have a drink or two without worrying) whereas my attitude is more "why wait?".

Anyway, we're still discussing it and are going to have a proper chat later, but if we decide for me to come off the pill ASAP, do others on here recommend I finish the packet I'm currently on (I have three pills left) or just stop it before I reach the end? Does it even make a difference? If I stop a few days before then end, I'm assuming my withdrawal bleed will just be a few days earlier than it would have been. Is that right?

Appreciate anyone's answers and opinion as this is all very new to me!

Thanks. smile

BoBo90 Wed 15-Jun-16 23:04:21


It doesn't matter when you stop it will just bring the withdrawal bleed forward a few days smile

Just as a little suggestion I say come off the pill ASAP. Even if you decide not to try for another month or so stop the pill and use condoms. It can take a while for your cycles to return to normal so the more pill free time you have the better smile good luck! Xx

sarahhh1984 Thu 16-Jun-16 07:14:08

Thanks for the reply! Since I only have a couple of days left I'll probably just run to the end of the packet now.

Spoke to DH last night about coming off this month but he seems to be convinced that the second I come off I'll get pregnant. I think the fact that someone we know recently got pregnant when the condom split hasn't helped! Oh well, we're going to have a chat and decide properly later this week. Think he's just getting a case of cold feet! wink

BoBo90 Thu 16-Jun-16 08:36:24

That's understandable 😊 my dh was the same. If it helps convince him at all tell him it can take up to a year for cycles to return to normal. My first cycle was 76 days! There's nothing more frustrating than deciding you're ready to try and finding out actually you can't for another couple of months 😞 But you could be a lucky one and go back to normal straight away 😊 It's just weighing up whether you want to risk an accident or potentially wait ages!

When you do start ttc you can join us on the 'ttc after topping the pill thread' for support if you like 😊 Xx

sarahhh1984 Thu 16-Jun-16 08:38:35

Bit of an update, DH grabbed me for a chat before he went to work this morning and said let's just come off the pill and see what happens if we get pregnant right away then c'est la vie, if not, we'll just be continuing with our original plan anyway! Exciting times ahead...

sarahhh1984 Thu 16-Jun-16 08:39:42

Oh, must have posted that as you were posting your reply. Yes, I'll visit that thread once we're off the pill!

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